Hydraulic Orbital Motor for screening buckets


  With the improvement of human science and process technology, the coverage of industrialization and mechanization has been comprehensively expanded, and industrial products and mechanical products have also continuously penetrated into various fields of human production and life, and human production quality and work efficiency have also achieved a qualitative leap. Among the many industrial machinery products, there is a hydraulic pendulum motor product, which is suitable for many fields such as construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, fishing machinery and military engineering. It is a BM series Hydraulic Orbital Motor produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY. Motor machinery products, what we introduce today is that this Hydraulic Orbital Motor product is mainly used as the parts of the screening barrel. It is an indispensable part of the working process of the screening barrel. It is suitable for screening system products. It is an important constituent configuration in all screening system products.

  The hydraulic orbital motor is a component part of the hydraulic system, which is used to output rotational power. It is composed of several components such as the output shaft, oil distribution valve, stator and rotor gear sets, and valve drivers. Its working principle is in this In the ring gear and the casing that are fixedly connected together, push the rotor to slowly rotate the material entering from the oil port around the center point, and then drive the output rotational power through the spline shaft. This is the Hydraulic Orbital Motor, which has the advantages of simple installation and Features of compact structure.

  On the basis of this working principle, the Hydraulic Orbital Motor  of the BM series used in the screening bucket has been modified, and the device of some components has been modified: a double-tapered roller bearing is mounted on the output shaft part, so that it can withstand dynamic or static pressure. The capacity increases; the separation of the oil distribution valve and the motor mechanism makes it more accurate in oil distribution, better in solvent efficiency, lower in plane wear and longer in life; and the optimized design of the stator and rotor pair and the cost of the rotating part The key shaft design enables it to run smoothly under high pressure, ensuring its safety to the greatest extent. The modified BM series Hydraulic Orbital Motor , as a component of the screening barrel, greatly improves the working efficiency of the screening barrel, and also makes the screening barrel more durable.

  With the technical support of Chinese industrial products, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY adopts the most advanced technology and introduces the most advanced production equipment from abroad, and has established the largest factory in northern China, specializing in the production of BM type hydraulic orbital motor products. HANJIU TECHNOLOGY adheres to the principle of quality first and integrity first, and has established a relatively complete product quality system from raw material procurement to the factory, parts processing and assembly to product completion and delivery. High-quality products.

  In addition, it has passed the CE certification, and has established cooperation with many manufacturers, facing the international market, and is the main supplier of hydraulic orbital motors in many countries. Coupled with the control and blessing of the company's technical personnel, employees continue to strengthen scientific and technological and Maintaining the concept of keeping pace with the times, implementing affordable prices that are close to the people, and practicing first-class after-sales service, HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has created a safe, efficient, high-quality and low-cost hydraulic orbital motor product and service system for consumers, which is a safe choice for users. The best product to use with confidence.


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