Hanjiu Technology is the largest House of Hydraulics as well as System Designers & Manufacturers, for Hydraulic Components & Systems solution, for Industrial, Agricultural,Mobile, Marine & Offshore use. 


Our global presence & experience in the Hydraulic industry for the last 15 years is LEGENDARY. 

we have the most completely range of hydraulic motors, covering the orbit motors,geroler motor, torqmotors, low speed high torque motors, matching DANFOSS/M+S/PARKER/CHARLYNN...


Today, we are going to talk about the most very popular type---omp hydraulic motor.

1.Compact design, which provide small volume,high power and low weight, for example ,omp 50 hydraulic motor, only  5.6kgs, but have 11.5kw output power;

omp 125 motor,with max torque 360N.M

2. Direction of shaft rotation and speed can be controlled easily and smoothly. such as omp-400 hydraulic motor,have key shaft ,spline shaft and cone-shaft, made by high hardness cast iron, smooth,easy to assemble.

3.Advanced manufacturing devices for the Gerotor gear set, high efficiency and long life.the new type ompx Orbital Motor,the inside structure usting coating paint,corrosion resistant parts,

low leakage version or super low leakage version.


The omp hydraulic motor, medium size motors, widely used on agricultural machines, the most economy type,hydraulic motor omp 200 is the best choice for agricultural equipment

If you have planter or sprayers, the excellent one is omp 50 hydraulic motor or omp 125 motor

For hydraulic motor omp 200 and omp-400 hydraulic motor is the Hydraulic trencher and hydraulic auger manufactures first choice 

Meanwhile, if you have high request of your hydraulic fluid systems, ompx Orbital Motor

is definitely fitting your requirement.

To sum up, the OMP HYDRAULIC MOTOR are very popular because of the  wide range of applications and high performance.

HANJIU Technology supply the OMP HYDRAULIC MOTOR, not only the advanced quality, fast delivery time, on the top of that is the after-sales service. Our after-sales team will supply the completely hydraulic solutions based on your products/equipment...online service and instruction.

HANJIU Technology is responsible for your hydraulic motors, more well, for your hydraulic systems.

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