Hydraulic Orbital Motor Price And Quality


Users who buy rail hydraulic presses will take into account the equipment of different manufacturers, and the variety of brands sometimes makes us not know how to make our own decisions. We first introduce you to how to distinguish the quality of hydroaulic orbital motor.


Want to better observe the quality of the hydraulic press, you must know the structure and principle of the equipment, only the material of the core components is good, the overall quality of the equipment will be good, so we can not only look at the appearance when selecting products, but also have a deep understanding. Rail hydraulic motor equipment is driven by the motor hydraulic pump to flow high-pressure hydraulic oil through various pipelines and hydraulic valves, through the PLC computer control valve block switch, the high-speed hydraulic pressure is sent to the different chambers of the cylinder, the piston rod drives the mold to complete the finished product. So the most important part of the motor is the pumping station, plc control cabinet, mold and cylinder, they are the core part of the finished type, the quality and performance of the product plays a vital role, and the body itself only plays a supporting role, for the current processing and assembly technology, most manufacturers can meet the quality requirements, as long as the manufacturer really to operate, the quality of the body is similar.


The pumping station consists of a fuel tank, a motor, a hydraulic valve, a hydraulic spring, a filter, and a cooler. The fuel tank is filled with hydraulic oil, generally made of steel plate welding, welding technology should be too hard, can not leak welding affect the sealing performance, after welding should also clean up the internal welding slag and other impurities; The motor is the source of power for the equipment, so the quality of the motor is very important; Hydraulic pump is to give the hydraulic oil a rapid pressure, it is sent into the valve block, the quality of different prices will also vary far, the use of hydraulic pumps should also be filled with hydraulic oil; Hydraulic valve is to control the direction of hydraulic oil, so as to control the forward and contraction of the cylinder, is a precision component, the manufacturer's different prices are also several times different, it is recommended to buy high-quality; The filter is to filter the impurities and welding slag in the return oil, etc., to protect the hydraulic components from blockage or damage; The cooler is to cool the return oil, generally using water cooling. PLC control cabinet by electrical components, lines, cabinets, etc., manufacturers need to ensure its normal efficacy through continuous debugging; The cylinder is the forming carrier, is the key to the conversion of hydraulic energy into kinetic energy, the need for frequent work, wear is inevitable, some manufacturers will make the life of the cylinder become longer through some technologies, and some manufacturers of cylinder wear out very quickly.Mold is the key to product molding, what kind of mold can make what kind of product, mold is a wearing part, the price is more expensive. Some good brands generally use Cr12MoV, which has the advantages of high strength and wear resistance, and the service life is far beyond ordinary molds. The equipment body is composed of columns, slides, cylinder seats, bases, etc., processing accuracy will affect the stability of the equipment, some manufacturers use steel plate welding methods to manufacture, it can not guarantee its strength and precision, or casting is better.


Several of the more good brands at home and abroad have Danfoss, eaton, Hanjiu, etc., after observation and comparison of these better hydraulic motor manufacturers to produce products have achieved the high quality level mentioned above, but observation, Hanjiu Technology Company's hydrolic orbital motor price is very dominant, they really do the highest cost performance, according to my understanding, they in order to bring benefits to local residents, deliberately in order to ensure high-quality products while reducing their own profits, Therefore, the lowest price will be given, if you just need it, you can go to the official website of Hanjiu Technology Company to understand.



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