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Since the 1980s, the hydraulic motor has developed rapidly at home and abroad as a hydraulic actuator, especially the radial piston type low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor compared with other types of hydraulic motors, because of its low-speed, high-torque and There is no need for a reduction gear, and the structure is relatively simple, the manufacturability is good and the use is reliable. It is mostly used in metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting and transportation, etc. In the production of hydraulic motors, you must have heard this name: danfoss.


Danfoss is a large multinational company in Europe. Their products are really excellent in terms of hydraulic motors. They are a model in the industry. Many customers who want to buy hydraulic motors will choose Danfoss because Danfoss has brand trust. . In general, Danfoss orbital hydraulic motor has the following characteristics:

1. High bearing capacity, stable universal shaft design, and long service life of the motor

2. The valve control system and precise machining ensure the high working efficiency of the motor and reduce the fuel consumption of the system

3. It is widely used in various walking and working systems.


It is undeniable that the orbital hydraulic motor produced by Danfoss has excellent performance, but likewise, the hydraulic motor of Danfoss also has shortcomings that cannot be ignored. Danfoss orbital hydraulic motor prices are high and buying a Danfoss motor means you are paying more. At the same time, the motor will inevitably cause some damage during use, which requires later maintenance and replacement of spare parts. If you have bought a Danfoss hydraulic motor, then you should know how much the maintenance cost of the Danfoss hydraulic motor is. Amazing, you can't even buy replacement parts for repairs!


Is there a company that produces orbital hydraulic motors with the high quality of Danfoss hydraulic motors at a cheap price? It sounds incredible, but I'm going to tell you that such a company actually exists, and it's Hanjiu Technology.


Hanjiu Technology is a company specializing in the production of hydraulic products in China. This company has been deeply involved in the hydraulic field for more than ten years, so it has rich experience in production and research and development. Now Hanjiu Technology has not only developed into the largest hydraulic product manufacturing company in northern China, Their products are sold to more than 30 countries around the world. Their products are widely praised. If you click on the homepage of Hanjiu's official website, you will find that there are many real user feedbacks from customers. The fundamental reason why Hanjiu Technology can get so many praises is that their product quality is really good. Hanjiu Technology has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, service first", and the product quality has always been the standard of Danfoss. Such a big international brand strictly controls the ex-factory quality of each product. The orbital hydraulic motor produced by them can directly replace the Danfoss orbital hydraulic motor, and you can also get perfect after-sales service and easy maintenance. Does it cost a lot of money to benchmark products of international big brands? The answer is no, Hanjiu Technology has always insisted on letting customers buy the most cost-effective products, and used this as one of its advantages to open the international market. If you compare similar products, you will find that Hanjiu Technology's products are really expensive. Low.


In the case of the product of the same quality, why don't you choose the one that costs less and serves better?


If you want to know more about orbital hydraulic motor, please click on the official website of Hanjiu Technology: https://www.orbithydraulic-motor.com/


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