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Excavator pumps are versatile and widely used in hydraulic machinery such as excavators, concrete mixers, concrete pump trucks, pumping stations, road rollers, petroleum equipment, and roller compactors. If the excavator pump is not durable or the structure is not well-made, it is easy to get stuck in one place and cannot get out when the machine is actually used, which will delay the progress of the project.


Therefore, it is recommended not to use low-quality accessories in pursuit of cheap prices, but the cost of high-quality accessories is very high. The main pump of the excavator usually uses a plunger pump or a screw pump, and there are some gear pumps with linkages on it to provide the first pressure.


The working principle of the excavator pump is as follows: The hydraulic system of the excavator adopts a double-pump bidirectional circuit quantitative system, which is composed of two independent circuits. The oil pump used is A duplex pump, which is divided into A and B pumps. The eight pairs of multi-way reversing valves are divided into two groups, and the four pairs of reversing valve groups in each group are oil circuits in series. The pressure of oil pump A enters the first group of multi-way reversing valves to drive the swing motor, bucket cylinder and auxiliary cylinder, and drive the right travel motor through the central rotary joint. When not working, the pressure oil output by oil pump A enters the second group of multi-way directional valves through the confluence valve of the first group of multi-way directional valves. Multi-way reversing valve to speed up the working speed of the boom or stick. The second group of multi-channel oil pumps output the pressure oil reversing valve to drive the boom cylinder and stick cylinder, drive the left travel motor and the earthwork board cylinder through the center rotor joint.


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