Orbital Hydraulic Motor


The application of hydraulic systems is becoming more and more extensive, and even some modern weapons and equipment, especially modern large-scale weapons, cannot do without hydraulic transmission. Most of the robotic arms commonly used in some modern large factories are driven by hydraulic motors. Why does the robotic arm choose a hydraulic motor?


The biggest advantage is that the hydraulic motor has a large power transmission rate, which means that a large power output can be obtained through it, so as to realize the high-speed movement and high-precision operation of the mechanical arm to meet the various needs of users. In addition, the noise of the hydraulic motor is relatively low, and there will be no excessive noise during use, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable environment during the use of the robotic arm. The maintenance performance of the hydraulic motor is also very high. For example, the hydraulic motor of Hanjiu has automatic compensation function, which can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the mechanical arm, and can provide good reliability, so that the mechanical arm has a longer service life. In general, hydraulic motors have the advantages of high power transmission rate, low noise, high reliability and maintenance performance, and are commonly used drive methods in robotic arm applications. However, due to the high requirements on all aspects in the production process of hydraulic motors, they are generally relatively expensive. If you buy some unguaranteed products, it is easy to go wrong. Hanjiu was born for this purpose. In order to satisfy customers to buy the best motors at a cheaper price, we pursue the principle of small profits but quick turnover, and provide the best services to customers in need all over the world. If you need to provide the factory Or dealers purchase power systems in batches, they can definitely consider Hanjiu brand hydraulic motors. Hanjiu's BMH series orbital hydraulic motors are more suitable for occasions with small loads and intermittent operations, such as mold height adjustment injection molding machines, vacuum cleaners, saw tables, workbenches, etc. Its output shaft is equipped with deep groove ball bearings, which can withstand certain axial force and radial force. Axial oil distribution structure, smaller size and lighter weight. With two internal check valves and no drain connection. The cycloid group is used to cooperate with the roller, which has small friction and high mechanical efficiency. Divided into 200, 250, 315, 400, 500 models.


In addition to the BMH series, Hanjiu hydraulic rail motors also include BMP, BMR, BMS, BMT, BMV, etc., 100% of which can be used to replace Danfoss, Eaton CHAR-LYNN, M+S, etc. Looking forward to your purchase, Hanjiu will provide you with the most comfortable service.


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