Hydraulic Pump


In the hydraulic transmission system, each part performs its own duties and is indispensable. As an energy conversion device that converts the mechanical energy input by the prime mover (such as a motor) into hydraulic pressure energy, the hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system. Driven by an engine or an electric motor, it sucks oil from the hydraulic oil tank, forms pressure oil and discharges it, and sends it to a component of the executive board. In the system, it acts like a "middleman", and its structure is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump and screw pump.


The movement brings about the change of the volume of the pump chamber, and then compressing the fluid to make the fluid have pressure energy is the basic principle of the hydraulic pump. Therefore, the necessary condition for the hydraulic pump to work is that there is a change in the sealed volume in the pump chamber.


There are many factors that affect the service life of hydraulic pumps. In addition to the design and manufacture of the pump itself, the selection of some related components (such as couplings, hydraulic oil, oil filters, etc.) and the operation during commissioning are all factors that affect its life. For some precautions in oil selection and other aspects before use, you can check some of our previous articles, which are involved in maintenance and repair. The hydraulic pump made of aluminum alloy as the raw material makes Hanjiu Hydraulic Pump high in strength, corrosion resistance and light in weight, suitable for operation in various environments. Its two-speed feature reduces the number of presses, and the low-pressure chamber is quickly in the state of load and work, and immediately converts to high pressure, shortening each operation cycle. Equipped with a pressure regulating valve, which can adjust the control and set the working pressure. We provide special hydraulic pumps for various types of machinery. For example, the RE241578 hydraulic pump is dedicated to John Deere tractors. When users of this machine need to replace parts, they can directly find it through searching, which greatly reduces the customer's troubles. Choose cost.


  As for the warranty period of the hydraulic pump, as long as it is sold by the Hanjiu brand, we will provide a 12-month period on the basis of correct use. Dealers can choose neutral packaging or customized packaging when ordering in bulk. Hanjiu will strictly carry out 100% factory test before delivery. In the case of large quantities (generally greater than 100 pieces) orders, we will conduct secondary sales to provide you with the most competitive price. Welcome dealers or individuals in need to contact us to discuss cooperation.


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