Hydraulic Steering Orbital Motor


Today's introduction is the hydraulic steering orbital motor series of Hanjiu Technology Company. Hydraulic steering units are divided into many different products, and below I will introduce you to some of the main products of Hanjiu Technology in the steering system and their characteristics.


BZZ1, BZZ2, BZZ3 series steering units: The advantage of this series of products is that they do not require mechanical linkage, so they can help you reduce costs. This SCU series allows for more flexible operation and light steering torque. In addition, this series can provide emergency manual steering in the event of engine failure, and can be steered at continuous speeds with lower steering torque. In terms of installation options, it can also be matched with a variety of hydraulic systems to lift and connect various steering pumps.


060 Integral Series Power Steering Unit: The 060 Series PSU integrates an intake check valve, a safety valve, an internal check valve, a cylinder port shock valve and an anti-cavitation valve to make the product more convenient.


Hydraulic steering unit 10 series: its steering unit can control the steering cylinder with large resistance by inputting a small force; It is simpler, more flexible and reliable; The integral check valve can prevent the anti-vibration of the system pressure oil, and can effectively prevent everyone from being interfered with during the steering operation; It has an integrated pressure control valve that can control the operation of the steering system and the impact pressure. It is widely used in the steering control system of different types of engineering vehicles, such as a variety of industrial and agricultural mobile machinery forklifts, loaders, rollers, tractors, combine harvesters, ship tillers and other steering systems.


109R 80 Hydraulic Steering Unit: The 109 Series Hydraulic Steering Unit is an integrated rail steering unit with a 4/5 tooth truss. This small and sophisticated steering unit integrates check valves, relief valves and shock absorber valves, and is installed in sizes that meet international standards. This steering unit is widely used in miniature vehicles such as mini forklifts, mini tractors (and other agricultural machinery), miniature earth moving machines, mini municipal vehicles, etc. By inputting less power, greater steering output torque can be obtained, which is simple, flexible and reliable.


Orbitrol: A product with a hydrostatic full fluid connection (no mechanical connection between the steering control unit, pump and steering cylinder), a power steering control unit, which is an epoch-making design. Because of its unique design, we can minimize the steering linkage during use, provide continuous, unlimited angle control action with a very low input torque, etc., this design can be said to be the maximum convenience for the user.


About Hanjiu Technology Company's hydraulic steering orbital motor is introduced here, Hanjiu Technology Company's official website has a lot of wonderful products waiting for everyone to discover, welcome to move to browse.



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