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Looking at the world, hydraulic orbital motor suppliers are too many to count, and today we mainly introduce you to four motor suppliers, all of which are excellent brand manufacturers in the field.


The first introduction is Rexroth, Bosch Rexroth is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the import and export of instrumentation, wire and cable, low-voltage electrical appliances, electronic hydraulic products sales and complete sets of hydraulic system design and manufacturing. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, their operational headquarters and board head office are located in Lohr, Germany. The original company was founded before 1795, and for nearly 50 years, Bosch Rexroth has been in a leading position in the international hydraulic market. Some of their employees have been engaged in industries such as automated industrial control and hydraulic spare parts for many years. In order to shorten the lead time of their products, they will stock up a large amount of inventory. The more distinctive products are German FUNKE heat exchanger, British SIRCAL purifier, German FRAK capacitor, American BALDOR motor, American WINSMITH reducer, British TWIFLEX brake, Italian MAINA coupling, Japanese FUJIKURA pressure sensor, French GEORGIN pressure switch, German KNOLL screw pump tube, etc.


The second one we would like to introduce is Danfoss, one of the largest multinational industrial manufacturing companies in Denmark, founded in 1933. They are world-leading manufacturers and service providers in the areas of refrigeration and air conditioning control, heating and water control, and transmission control. Danfoss has an international network of subsidiaries and agents in more than 100 countries, has a number of factories with strict quality control around the world, produces 250,000 high-quality products per day, and their commitment to users is focused on "energy saving, comfort, safety and environmental protection", which is the basis for Danfoss's leading position in the industry.


The third one we introduce you to is Parker Hannifen, which is headquartered in Ohio, USA, founded in 1918, the company is mainly composed of eight departments: sealing division, fluid connection department, hydraulic division, electromechanical and transmission division, filtration department, pneumatic department, instrumentation department, solenoid valve division. Among them, the hydraulic department as the main department for the production of hydraulic motors, Parker Hydraulics is mainly divided into mobile machinery hydraulics and industrial hydraulics, to provide customers with power units, hydraulic motors, motors, hydraulic pumps, etc., their vane pumps and tie rod cylinders in the market reputation is not bad.


Finally, we bring you a professional brand of hydraulic motors from China - Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd., Hanjiu Technology is a young and innovative manufacturer, and the difference between them and several other brands is that their company focuses on the production of hydraulic motor products, which was established in 2011 by Mr. Han, an engineer who has worked in the field of hydraulics and automation for more than 15 years. They specialize in designing and producing any type of motor and steering machine that customers need, from large to small, from low displacement to high displacement, and so on. And can replace Danfoss, Eaton, M+S series models. Its products are widely used in construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, injection molding machinery, fishery machinery, military engineering and other fields. The most important point is that as a young technology company, their product quality is very high, and the quality control is also very strict, which can be compared with the top big brand factories. Since they are specialized in the research and development of hydraulic motors in the field of factories, but also launched a lot of innovative products, can bring people a new experience. Their core is for customer service, so they are very good at after-sales and shipping speed, warranty, and affordability, especially after-sales service, which can respond quickly and solve all your problems quickly.


Well, today's information sharing is here, if you have more questions, welcome to visit the official website.


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