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In previous articles, we introduced a lot of products and knowledge about hydraulic motors, and also introduced a lot of rail motors. So, can you distinguish hydraulic motors from orbit motors? Can the two be mixed? If you don't know much about this issue, then read on!


The first thing to look at is our old friends. Familiar friends know that we have introduced a lot of knowledge about hydraulic motors. Let's review them together here. Hydraulic motor is an executive element of hydraulic system, which converts the liquid pressure provided by hydraulic pump into mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft. In addition, the hydraulic motor has many products of different specifications, which can meet the different needs of consumers. But at the same time, the hydraulic motor also has disadvantages such as large torque pulsation, small starting torque and poor low-speed stability.


An orbit motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It uses an energized coil to generate a rotating magnetic field and acts on the rotor to form a magnetic electric rotating torque. Motors can be divided into DC motors and AC motors according to different power sources. Most of the motors in the power system are AC motors, which can be synchronous motors or asynchronous motors. The motor is mainly composed of a nail and a rotating self. The direction of the energized wire in the magnetic field is related to the direction of the current and the direction of the magnetic field line (magnetic field direction). The working principle of the motor is that the magnetic field acts on the current and makes the motor rotate.


Through the basic introduction of the two, we can find that the biggest difference between the two lies in the different power sources. The energy source of hydraulic motor is pressure potential energy, and the energy source of orbit motor is electric potential energy.


Also as power units, can the two be replaced? In fact, whether the hydraulic motor can replace the motor depends on the actual situation. The power source of the hydraulic motor also depends on the motor or the electric motor to provide the power source. After the hydraulic system pump valve is converted, the hydraulic motor can be driven to provide the power source. As for whether to use a hydraulic motor or an orbit motor, it depends on the actual situation. If a large torque is required, it can only be driven by a hydraulic motor. If the torque is generally driven by a motor.


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