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The successful operation of every mechanical product is inseparable from its power components. It may be a battery or a motor. In short, it is something that can provide kinetic energy for mechanical products. There are many power products on the market. Today I want to share with you hydraulic motors. Hydraulic motors have been around for a long time since their birth. With their high performance and wide application fields, they have won the favor of many users. .


Hydraulic motor has another name, oil motor, which is actually an executive component of the hydraulic system. It cooperates with other components during operation to convert the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy that can be output. The more objective indicators are the torque and speed of the hydraulic motor. From these two indicators, we can clearly understand the mechanical energy conversion status of a hydraulic motor. In terms of the scope of application, the hydraulic motor can be said to be a very good product, because it is widely used: injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, Hydraulic motors can be used in marine machinery, petrochemicals, port machinery, etc. Such a wide range of use is inseparable from the advantages of hydraulic motors with light body. Most hydraulic motors are not heavy, and can be easily installed by one person, and there is no installation process. No matter how difficult it is, it is enough to ensure that the mounting frame is firm and strong, because this involves the safety and service life of subsequent products.


Hydraulic motors can be divided into gear type, vane type, plunger type and other types according to their structure types. According to the rated speed of the hydraulic motor, it is divided into two categories: high speed and low speed. The rated speed higher than 500r/min belongs to the high-speed hydraulic motor, and the rated speed lower than 500r/min belongs to the low-speed hydraulic motor. Cycloidal hydraulic horse is a low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor in the large family of hydraulic motors. In the late 1850s, the original low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor was developed from a stator and rotor part of an oil pump. This part consists of an inner part. The ring gear is composed of a matching gear or rotor. The ring gear and the casing are fixedly connected together, and the oil entering from the oil port pushes the rotor to revolve around a central point. This slow-rotating rotor drives the output through a splined shaft to become a cycloid hydraulic motor. After the advent of this original cycloid motor, after several decades of evolution, another concept of the motor also began to form. This motor has rollers mounted in a built-in ring gear. Motors with rollers provide high starting and running torque. The rollers reduce friction and therefore improve efficiency, and the output shaft produces a stable output even at very low speeds. By changing the direction of the input and output flow, the motor is quickly reversed, and an equal amount of torque is generated in both directions. Each series of motors are available in various displacements to meet various speed and torque requirements.


Many buyers will finally choose the cycloid hydraulic motor, not only because of the unique advantages of the cycloid hydraulic motor compared with the ordinary hydraulic motor, but also because the production technology of the cycloid hydraulic motor on the market is very mature, and the quality can be completely guaranteed. , After-sales service is also in place, it is difficult for any accident to happen. Consumers' extensive demand for cycloid hydraulic motors has naturally led to a large number of manufacturers of cycloid hydraulic motors. I think Danfoss, Parker, Hanjiu, etc. are relatively well-known manufacturers in this field. Here I would like to introduce to you. It is the treasure company of Hanjiu.


Hanjiu Technology has been specializing in the production of cycloid hydraulic motors for more than ten years. With its high-quality products and considerate services, the company has grown bigger and stronger step by step. Now it has become the largest cycloid hydraulic motor manufacturer in northern China. The company sells its products to more than 30 countries in the world. Many countries have their agent dealers and product warehouses. Many people are willing to sell Hanjiu Technology's cycloid hydraulic motors as an agent. In addition to excellent products, there is another important The reason is that Hanjiu Technology is willing to give the biggest profit to dealers and customers, to ensure that customers can buy the most cost-effective products, high-quality products, the best cost-effective, considerate service, comprehensive after-sales, such as It is inevitable for the company to become bigger and stronger. If you are interested in this company and want to buy related products, you can visit the official website of Fanwenhanjiu Technology Co., Ltd.



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