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With the development of small multi-functional machinery, hydrostatic transmission technology is more and more widely used because of its unique advantages. Hydrostatic drive is a device that transmits power between the engine and the drive wheels through a hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor. Hydrostatic drive is mainly composed of oil pump, hydraulic motor, pipeline, etc., when working, the engine drives the oil pump to boost the working oil, the pressure oil enters the hydraulic motor through the pipeline, and the hydraulic motor converts the working oil pressure into a drive, thereby driving the wheels. Hydrostatic drives play an important role in improving the performance of mobile drives of construction machinery.


Hydrostatic drives can be widely used in loaders, excavators, road rollers, truck-mounted forklifts, telehandlers, road construction machinery, road maintenance machinery and other construction machinery, lawn mowers, brush cutters and other garden machinery, garbage removal trucks, road sweepers, roller brush road sweepers and other sanitation machinery, rice combine harvesters, corn harvesters, cotton pickers and other agricultural machinery. In addition to its excellent power braking capability, hydrostatic drives also provide interfaces for remote control and automation settings, which are widely used in mobile machines and are constantly expanding.


Hydrostatic drive is mainly used in construction machinery, is a transmission mode of travel drive system, and travel drive is an important part of construction machinery, is an important device for transmitting power, variable speed regulation, changing the direction of rotation of the output shaft, reverse transmission of power, in general, hydrostatic transmission has the following advantages compared with traditional hydraulic mechanical transmission:


(1) It can realize stepless speed change, and the commutation is convenient:

(2) When the engine works at any dispatching speed, the transmission system can exert greater traction:

(3) The transmission system can maintain high efficiency over a wide range of output speeds;

(4) The walking power and the power of the working device can be reasonably matched to make full use of the engine power

(5) The position arrangement of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor is relatively flexible, and the conditions make the engine adopt horizontal arrangement, which shortens the longitudinal layout of the loader

Towards length, which improves the driver's field of vision:

(6) Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor can be controlled by electric proportional variables, taking into account the rapid development of microcomputer technology, so that the two are well combined to achieve intelligent control;

(7) According to relevant information, compared with hydromechanical transmission. Loader availability can be increased by 30% and fuel consumption can be reduced by 25%.


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