How long is the service life of the hydraulic Gerotor motor?


The use time of hydraulic gerotor motor mainly depends on its wear and leakage, if the use of good environment, hydraulic oil has a good guarantee, the life will be very long 5 years, ten years. So, what are the factors that affect the lifetime of the hydraulic gerotor motor? Hanjiu tells you the top 5 reasons that affect the life of the hydraulic gerotor motor, the specific analysis is as follows:


1. Bearing wear

(1) Bearing wear is the determining factor affecting the soft life of the motor.

(2) The bearings used in the motor are special bearings that carry a specific frictional moment under specific operating conditions.

(3) It cannot be replaced by non-professional bearings, otherwise the motor cannot work normally and greatly reduces the service life of the motor.


2. Motor speed

(1) The motor speed is related to the life, durability, cavitation and noise of the motor, and the motor speed should be selected in strict accordance with the data specified in the technical regulations, and shall not exceed the maximum speed value.

(2) In the allowable speed range, the best speed suitable for the working conditions should be selected, and the minimum speed should not be lower than 50r/min.


3. Oil discharge pressure in the motor shell

The oil drainage pressure in the shell depends on the maximum allowable pressure of the shaft seal, generally 0.2MPa, and the oil drainage pressure of the shell is too high, which will cause premature damage to the shaft seal.


4. Hydraulic oil pollution

(1) The pollution is mainly man-made pollution, when replacing the hydraulic filter element, the oil in the filter cartridge is not drained or the oil in the filter cartridge is not discharged to replace the filter element, causing the pollutants in the filter cartridge to flow directly into the oil tank from the discharge port of the filter cartridge.

(2) When a particle larger than 10μm enters the motor, it will cause a scratch on the distribution surface, which will become a groove under the long-term erosion of high-pressure oil, which is enough to cause motor failure.


5. Working environment

The operating environment also has an impact on the condition of the hydraulic Gerotor motor. Eg: During cutting operations, the main engine, tool and frame will generate large vibrations, which will have a destructive effect on hydraulic gerotor motor parts.


In the actual use process, any improper maintenance method may cause damage to the hydraulic gerotor motor, which needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Dismantling and assembling the hydraulic Gerotor motor is a delicate, complex and highly specialized task, and maintenance personnel must carefully read the maintenance instructions of the motor and adjust the hydrostatic bearing clearance according to the regulations. Of course, not all damage is irreparable, many times hydraulic gerotor motor is only internal parts damaged, only need to replace the relevant parts, such a method is cheap and convenient.


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