Instructions for purchasing a high-speed hydraulic motor


The hydraulic motor makes the hydraulic system output speed and torque to drive the working parts to rotate. In terms of working principle, the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor in the hydraulic system work by the change of the closed volume, and in principle they are reversible, but there are differences in structure and cannot be universal. The main characteristics of high-speed hydraulic motors are high speed, small moment of inertia, easy to start and brake, and high sensitivity of adjustment (speed regulation and commutation). Usually the output torque of high-speed hydraulic motor is not large, so it is also called high-speed small-torque hydraulic motor. It is often used in papermaking, textile, plastics, rubber and other light industries, papermaking machinery, textile machinery, injection molding machines, rubber briquetting machines and other mechanical equipment. It can also be often found in heavy industries such as mining, petroleum, metallurgy and pressure processing. For such commonly used hydraulic components, in terms of purchasing, you can consider the following 5 points.


1. Hydraulic motor speed range

2. Starting torque and continuous working torque of hydraulic motor

3. The working force of the hydraulic motor (for example, driving the fan is not an ordinary hydraulic motor, and the thrust or pull force received by the motor should be considered)

4. Hydraulic motor oil circuit, there is a series of columns, then pay special attention

5. Installation space and design cost


High-speed motors generally use plunger motors, of course, gear motors are also used in many places, and vane motors are also high-speed motors, but they are not common


Generally speaking, the rated power higher than 50rpm can be called high-speed motor hydraulic motor speed actually has a lot to do with torque, although we can, through the flow to adjust the speed, but the torque of the Ian motor is the parameter that needs to be configured according to the design requirements, which should also be simply understood when purchasing a hydraulic motor.


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