Low speed hydraulic motor


With the continuous improvement of China's hydraulic pump production technology, China's hydraulic parts industry has become an industry with a professional production system and complete production categories. Hydraulic systems are not unfamiliar to many people, but not much is known about it. The hydraulic system is a hydraulic system composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic actuator (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, etc.) and hydraulic accessories (pipeline, accumulator, etc.). Today Hanjiu Hydraulics introduces you to one of the hydraulic actuators, a branch of the hydraulic motor - low-speed hydraulic motor, if you have the need to understand this knowledge, you may wish to follow the introduction and continue to read.


Hydraulic motors can be divided into different categories according to different classification methods, and low-speed hydraulic motors are distributed according to the speed, rated speed higher than 500rpm is called high-speed motor, and relatively speaking, rated speed below 500rPM is often called low-speed motor. Ian motor because of its large displacement, large volume, low speed, as low as a few revolutions per minute, even a few tenths of a revolution, can still stably output thousands or even tens of thousands of Nm of torque, so it is often called low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor, its form is mainly multi-action curve piston hydraulic motor and crank connecting rod type static pressure flat radial plunger hydraulic motor. It can be used to directly connect and drive loads, does not require a deceleration mechanism, and has a short start time, good performance, and is often widely used in engineering equipment because of its large torque advantages.


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