Introduction to Hydro Motor


Hydro Motor is an actuator of a hydraulic system that converts the liquid pressure energy provided by a hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of its output shaft. Liquids are the medium that transmits force and motion. Hydro motor, also known as oil motor, is mainly used in machinery, marine, lifting, hoist and other fields.


Hydro motor is composed of a one-to-one tooth difference of internal meshing cycloidal needle column planetary transmission, using the principle of one tooth difference planetary reducer, so this motor is a combination of high-speed hydro motor and deceleration mechanism of low-speed high-torque hydraulic components. It has a wide range of applications in petrochemical machinery, light power machinery, industrial machinery and other equipment.


In principle, hydro motor can be used as a hydraulic pump, and hydraulic pump can be used as hydro motor. Although the two are structurally similar, the structure of the two is somewhat different. The working characteristics of hydro motor are that the motor should be able to run forward and backward, so the hydro motor has structural symmetry requirements in the design, and there are also certain requirements for accuracy. Hydraulic pumps generally rotate in one direction and have no symmetry requirements.


When the inertial load of the hydro motor answers, the speed is engaged, and it is also required to brake or reverse at a fast speed, it will produce a relatively high hydraulic shock, then we should set up a necessary safety valve or buffer valve in the hydro motor system. Since internal leakage in the Hydro Motor is difficult to avoid, there will still be some slippage caused by inertia when braking when the Hydro Motor's oil outlet is closed. Therefore, when it is necessary to brake accurately for a long time, a brake to prevent slippage should be installed, and these small details are very important.


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