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Cycloid hydraulic motor has been used in the last century, it is a slow rotating rotor driven output through the spline shaft, for industry and manufacturing and other industries to bring gospel, and still use range and frequency is also high, cycloid hydraulic motor after a long time must be maintained. Regarding the maintenance of cycloid hydraulic motors, Hanjiu Technology will carry out from the following aspects, we should regularly check and replace the oil when operating the cycloid hydraulic motor, so as to avoid impurities contained in the oil affecting the normal use of the cycloid hydraulic motor.


1. Regularly flush the inlet oil filter of the cycloid hydraulic motor oil pump, if there is a leakage in the system, it is necessary to repair the leakage problem in the system in time.


2. In daily work, we must check the plug seat and other openings of the oil filter of the ventilator in time. We must ensure that no particles and contaminants enter the tank, otherwise it will lead to oil contamination.


3. Regularly check whether the hydraulic oil is contaminated by acidification and other pollutants. As for the judgment method, we can tell whether it has deteriorated from the smell of the hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil is contaminated by contaminants that cannot be observed by the naked eye, timely replacement at this time can allow us to maintain the normal use of the cycloid hydraulic motor.


4. The motor rotor of the hydraulic motor rotor should be checked. If it encounters slight wear or damage, it should be replaced, and when the damage is serious, it can be repaired or cut with electricity with brush plating, and the wiring is accurately measured, and then dismantled and replaced after heat treatment to replace new parts.


Here is another introduction to you to the treatment of a common emergency: due to the use of the motor in daily time, the oil seal and the output shaft constant friction, long-term will inevitably lead to the wear of the oil seal and the shaft contact surface, to a certain extent, the oil seal will lose its sealing effect resulting in oil leakage at the shaft end. At this time, we need to replace the oil seal, if the output shaft at this time is also severely worn, we need to replace the output shaft at the same time.


To provide you with maintenance knowledge Hanjiu technology is a professional production of hydraulic components manufacturers, in North China the first production and export of hydraulic swing motor, steering unit factory, since 2010, the company engaged in production and operation for more than 12 years, years of industry work we always adhere to the quality, efficiency, service hand in hand principle, so that our hydraulic products partners are widely acclaimed, with high quality, high cost performance, long service time, high precision components, fast delivery, After-sales service and installation warranty service is well known, the team has many years of industry operation and service experience, can provide you with quality service while ensuring high product quality. If you need to purchase hydraulic components, you can contact us and look forward to cooperating with you!


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