Introduction to the hydraulic wheel motor


Hydraulic wheel motor refers to a hydraulic motor that inputs pressure fluid and rotates two or more gears meshing with each other in the pump casing. Hydraulic wheel motor is generally used in the case of high speed and low torque, which is determined by its characteristics. Hydraulic wheel motor has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, small inertia, impact resistance, convenient maintenance and low requirements for oil filtration accuracy; However, it also has the disadvantages of large flow ripple, low volumetric efficiency, small torque and poor low-speed performance.


When producing hydraulic wheel motor, it is usually necessary to pay attention to the following aspects. First of all, the oil return channel of the hydraulic wheel motor is symmetrical and the aperture is the same, which is to achieve the same effect of forward and reverse performance. Secondly, in the production of hydraulic motors, we generally use external leakage oil holes, on the one hand, because the hydraulic wheel motor has back pressure when the oil return is returned, and on the other hand, because the hydraulic wheel motor is forward and reversed, its oil return cavity also changes with each other. If the internal oil leakage is used, it is easy to break the shaft end oil seal, so the hydraulic wheel motor is best to use an external leakage oil hole. Thirdly, for the structure of the floating side plate with automatic compensation of axial clearance, it must meet the requirements of working when it is forward and reverse, and the trapped oil unloading groove must also be a symmetrically distributed structure. Finally, hydraulic wheel motor uses more rolling bearings, mainly to reduce friction losses and improve performance during start-up.


We should pay attention to the following details when using hydraulic wheel motor to obtain better work efficiency. First, the installation between the output shaft of the gear hydraulic motor and the actuator adopts an elastic coupling, greater than 0.1mm, its coaxiality error shall not be greater than 0.01mm, and the shaft width error of the shaft sleeve coupling shall not be greater than 0.05mm. Second, the back pressure of the gear hydraulic motor drain port shall not be greater than 0.05MPa. Third, the working medium of gear hydraulic motor is recommended to use neutral mineral oil with kinematic viscosity, so that it will run better.


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