joystick control for front end loader


The use of the joystick control for front end loader ultimately depends on the quality of the hydraulic system, if the hydraulic system fails, the joystick will lose function,Since there are many types of hydraulic valves and many uses, Hanjiu Technology is here to introduce to you the causes and analysis solutions of directional control valves to faults.

Fault 1: The reversing valve produces noise, vibration or shock when it is recommutated.

1. The size design of the valve core and valve body is not suitable, there is a jam angle when fitting, and when the valve core moves in the valve body, it will produce noise due to friction.

2. If the position of the directional valve is not installed accurately, the push rod design in the electromagnetic directional valve is too long or too short, as well as the hydraulic directional valve and the electro-hydraulic directional valve, due to the pressure caused by the pressure is too high or the flow rate noise is aggravated, the electrical vibration will be generated during the reversing and the hydraulic shock will be caused, thereby affecting the accuracy of the conversion.

3. When the working medium hydraulic oil is mixed with air, these bubbles are mixed in the oil and produce air pockets, so that the oil passes through the reversing valve when there is a discontinuous state, resulting in flow and pressure pulsation, although the bubbles are in the direction of the reversing valve due to the squeeze and sharp breaking, causing local hydraulic shock and high temperature, resulting in vibration and noise.


Fault 2: During use, the flow loss is serious and the leakage increases.

1. The filter does not play a good role in filtering the oil, so that the oil pollution is serious, the oil contains hard particles, when these hard particles enter the valve body, causing serious friction between the valve body and the valve core and accompanying scratches, so that the gap between the valve body and the valve core increases.

2. In addition, the cooling effect of the cooler is poor, so that the oil temperature is too high, resulting in a decrease in the viscosity of the oil, increasing the amount of leakage, and the oil temperature is too high or the pressure is too large, which will also cause the valve body to expand, so that the matching gap becomes larger, and can also damage the sealing device, and can also increase the leakage.

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