Front end loader control valves are on sale


I believe that many friends engaged in earthmoving construction industry need to use loaders, loaders are a kind of earthmoving construction machinery widely used in highways, railways, construction, hydropower, ports, mines and other construction projects, it is mainly used for shoveling soil, sand, ash, ash and other three disciplines, but also for ore hardness and other light shoveling operations. And the front loader. It is mainly used for open pit mining, stripping medium and hard ore rocks after blasting, and direct excavation of soft rock, with a maximum transport distance of ≤ 1 km. It can be operated on several working faces or working levels at the same time, which is conducive to separate mining, low purchase and operating costs, and production capacity is not affected by the height of the working face; Therefore, it has become a promising loading machine for open-pit mines. The control valve is one of the important components of the loader, and today I recommend to you the front loader control valve DCV60 electro-hydraulic control from Hanjiu Technology.


This product adopts DCV directional control valve, high pressure and compact structure, overload valve is also very stable. And with extremely high performance and versatility, can be applied to a variety of machines, this product is suitable for truck cranes, wrecker scrubbers dynamic compactors and other special vehicles, it can effectively control motor cylinders and other drive mechanisms. The maximum flow rate that can be carried per minute is 60 liters. In the choice of materials, high-precision spool manufacturing provides zero leakage during working pressure, switching spool provides minimal pressure drop for neutral position technology and the design department uses high quality and unique precision when manufacturing each cell distributor, thus achieving performance and minimal steam leakage. And its products are produced in line with the highest requirements and European quality standards, many times higher than many domestic counterparts. As a result, Hanjoo has also become an excellent alternative brand for all types of utilities, mining, lifting, garbage collection agriculture and all types of special equipment. It is also an excellent alternative to OEM hydraulic control valves for tractors, combines, excavators, small tractors, truck cranes, aerial work platforms, forestry manipulators, and all types of woodworking metal cutting machines, OEM hydraulic control valves on original equipment.


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