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Modern factories are often made up of a large number of control loops. Each control loop is designed to ensure that the variable does not exceed the required working range to ensure the stable operation of the control system, the control valve as the terminal actuator of the control system, its quality and safety indicators are crucial to the stability of production, the optimization of operation control, etc. There are many factors to consider in the selection of control valves, and the existing control valve models and brands on the market are also dizzying, how to choose a suitable and high-quality control method has become a headache for many friends.

Want to choose a good adjustment ability, strong flow control ability, and with a strong structure of the control valve is more difficult, today recommended to you this tractor loader available hydraulic directional control valve, is produced by our Hanjiu technology, this is a tractor loader hydraulic directional control valve with joystick, it has two spools, you can also choose a single float spool according to your needs, these valves can be used to start and stop the fluid flowing into the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor, often used to operate the hydraulic cylinder, Operate the hydraulic motor or install a rear remote control on the tractor. In terms of product quality, you don't need to worry, we use precision ground and hard chrome plated spools to ensure a strong service life and high strength cast iron overall structure. The SAEo ring port ensures that it can be securely sealed and prevents suction blockage, which can save you a lot of maintenance trouble. In terms of specifications, maximum working pressure: P = 3625 PSI, T = 725 PSI, A & B = 4350 PSI Rated flow rate: 11 GPM (40 l/min)A & B Working port: #8 SAE O-Ring (3/4"-16) Threaded inlet port: #10 SAE O-Ring (7/8"-14) Threaded outlet port: #10 SAE O-Ring (7/8"-14).

There must be an excellent supplier behind a good product. Hanjiu Technology is such an enterprise, we specialize in the design and production of any type of motor and steering machine required by customers, from displacement to performance can completely replace Danfoss, Eaton, M+S and other series of products. The products produced are widely used in construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, injection molding machinery, fishery machinery, military and other fields. Although the brand has been established for a short time, it does not affect our production of high-quality hydraulic components, we are committed to building an internationally renowned brand, we have 10 years of overseas export experience and more than 18 years of local market experience, is a reliable partner you can consider. If you have the corresponding needs, you can go to our website to buy, if you can't find the products you need, you can contact our customer service, they will find the products you need with intimate service, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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