Low Speed High Torque Motor


The main markets of Hanjiu Low Speed High Torque Motor include construction, agriculture, traditional industry, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, horticulture and many other fields. Relying on a strong global distribution network, our products are sold to various countries and regions, such as Germany and Norway , Poland, Finland, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay, etc., all have the footprints of Hanjiu. With its durable and affordable features, Hanjiu Low Speed High Torque Motor has gained many sincere partners.


In addition to excellent quality, Hanjiu Low Speed High Torque Motor’s unit price is also recognized as the highest cost performance. For example, the BMT series we sell is very economical and affordable, and can 100% replace Danfoss OMT, M+S MT, and Eaton 6K. Among them, BMT500-4-M-D-B is a low-speed high-torque motor. The BMT series as a whole adopts advanced gear set design, with discs to distribute flow and high pressure. Depending on the application requirements, these motors are available in various options for versatile operation. Output shaft tapered roller bearings allow high axial and radial forces, providing smooth operation during low-pressure start-up and high-pressure operation. These motors provide premium power for small to large, medium to heavy duty needs. Advanced internal gear set design, low starting pressure, stable operation, high axial and radial force, disc flow distribution, automatic compensation, strong structure and longer service life. With excellent side load capability, it provides smooth, ultra-low speed operation for your system, a high pressure shaft seal is standard, and the innovative design requires no case drain. Based on the excellent technology of our technicians, we have carried out quality design and manufacturing. But the BMT500 -4-M-D-B low-speed high-torque motor with many advantages is very affordable in price. If your purchase quantity exceeds 100, you only need to pay $210 per piece. You can compare the prices of various brands of the same quality by yourself.


Finally, Hanjiu Technology here reminds everyone that there are various reasons for product damage. If there is a failure of the hydraulic system, it must be checked in time, so that the damage of the system can be reduced as much as possible, thereby avoiding higher damage to a great extent. Replacement costs, please feel free to consult our contacts for professional hydraulic solutions when encountering difficult problems.




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