Orbital Motor


"Where there is gain, there must be loss, and where there is loss, there must be gain" is a folk saying, but it is applicable to many fields. There are many examples in the hydraulic system, such as why the smaller the displacement of the hydraulic motor, the higher the speed? Here Hanjiu is here to share the principle with you.


The main thing that limits the life of a motor under normal use is the life of the internal moving parts such as bearings, shaft seals, gears, plungers, shoes, etc. The life of these components is highly related to the linear velocity of the contact surface movement. Note that here, it is the linear velocity, not the angular velocity. For a rotating body, the linear velocity is equal to the rotational speed multiplied by the radius. This is easier to understand. On the one hand, high-speed relative motion has higher requirements for lubrication. The lubricating oil film must be able to maintain under high-speed motion, while the performance of the lubricating medium is limited. More importantly, the higher the speed of movement in the same time, the higher the total mileage. For the same revolution, the larger the diameter of the shaft, the longer the circumference of the section, and the longer the distance traveled by a point on the circle, and the distance means wear and tear. Therefore, the overall size of the small motor is small, the circumference of the shaft and shaft seal is small, the stroke of the plunger is short, and the relative motion linear velocity is low, so it can run at a higher speed under the same design life. However, because large motors have to carry greater torque and achieve corresponding mechanical strength, the shaft and gear cannot be too thin, so the speed cannot be too high.


This is the end of the sharing. Below we will show you some performance characteristics of the Hanjiu hydraulic weeding track motor 375. BMP is the best quality and stable performance basic orbital engine in China, suitable for all automation and motion control applications. Displacement: 50 - 400 cc/rev; speed range: 145 - 858 rpm; maximum pressure from 90/110 bar to 125/140 bar (continuous/peak); maximum torque: 74n*m/521n*m. It is characterized by low pressure starting, equipped with a reinforced shaft seal, the ability to withstand high starting torque and huge back pressure, and the ability to transfer axial and radial loads. The small size also makes it easy to install. Thanks to the fact that Hanjiu is an OEM manufacturer, dealers can also choose Danfoss OMP, Eaton Char Lynn H series, M+S MP series and the same replacement products of other European brands according to their special needs.


In addition to the orbital motor mentioned above, Hanjiu also produces many small accessories, At present, it has been exported to many countries such as Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay, etc., with fast delivery time and first-class quality. The price is reasonable, professional technicians and after-sales service are available, and complete models can also be provided, which is very cost-effective.



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