Low Speed High Torque Motor


The first batch of low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors in history came from Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany. These motors are widely used due to their relatively compact structure and low price. On the basis of introducing and absorbing the advanced technology of foreign low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors, Hanjiu hydraulic brand has selectively selected the structural size and structural materials of hydraulic motors.


In the past ten years, the technicians of Hanjiu Technology have never stopped the research work on low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors. The detailed research on the motor structure, raw material selection, manufacturing process, etc. has provided a basis for the optimization and improvement of Hanjiu brand products. theoretical basis and basis. Up to now, the low speed high torque motor of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is comparable to the motor technology and quality of internationally renowned hydraulic brands, and can be used as the best choice to replace the same series of motors. The upgrades made by Hanjiu Technology's low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors mainly include: the internal geometry, component size and materials used in the motor structure are carefully selected to cope with high torque loads; increased pressure ratings, higher pressure ratings The value allows greater force to be generated in the hydraulic motor, thereby increasing torque output. Advanced manufacturing technology and the use of high-strength materials enable hydraulic motors to withstand higher pressure levels, thereby providing higher torque capabilities; hydraulic system optimization, the development of high-torque hydraulic motors and the optimization of the entire hydraulic system are complementary. This includes using the proper pumps, valves and other components to meet the torque requirements of the motor. Proper system design and sizing ensures efficient power transfer and minimizes energy loss. Enhanced bearing systems. Bearings play a role in supporting the rotating parts of hydraulic motors. play a key role. In order to handle higher torque loads, we use advanced bearing systems to increase load capacity, improve lubrication and reduce friction; innovative control mechanisms, high torque hydraulic motors can use innovative control mechanisms to optimize torque transmission and response. This can include variable displacement mechanisms, intelligent feedback systems, or electronic control units that adjust motor output based on load demand and operating conditions.


In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the application field of https://www.hjhydraulic.com/low speed high torque motor will be further expanded, and its performance will also be continuously improved. Hanjiu Technology will continue to carry out innovative design work for it. Welcome interested dealers to come to discuss cooperation.


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