High Torque Hydraulic Motor


Traditionally, a hydraulic motor with an output torque of more than 10,000N·m is called a high torque hydraulic motor. The combination of high torque density and low speed means high efficiency, high torque and low speed power. Anyone who needs low speed and high efficiency The scene high torque hydraulic motor can come in handy. Included in the automated machines for oil field exploration or mine mining, high torque hydraulic motor has made great contributions.


The performance characteristics of the high torque hydraulic motor of the Hanjiu brand are mainly manifested in the following aspects: it can greatly improve the working efficiency and load capacity of the equipment, the shaft head speed is generally between 50~300rpm, and they are self-limiting and automatic Features, so the loaded machine can move more smoothly, effectively avoid shock and vibration, and achieve better working conditions. Strong reversibility: It is very stable whether it is starting or braking, and it can quickly change the direction of motion under load and no load. Hanjiu Hydraulics also uses innovative technology to improve the efficiency of high torque hydraulic motors to meet the needs of motors in various working conditions. In terms of volume, we have also spent a lot of time improving it. The smaller the size of the hydraulic motor, the wider the application range, so designing a hydraulic motor that is smaller, lighter, and with higher output power is also the direction of Hanjiu's efforts. The current design The motors have adopted a compact design, and the volume is also smaller than before. Hanjiu's advanced sealing technology is also used in the manufacture of motors. It is well known that effective sealing is critical to preventing internal fluid leakage and maximizing torque output. Hanjiu's high torque hydraulic motor adopts advanced sealing technology, such as improved sealing materials, precise machining tolerances and sealing arrangements, which can minimize internal leakage and improve overall performance. In addition, some high-torque hydraulic motors also use innovative control mechanisms to optimize torque delivery and response. These include some variable displacement mechanisms, smart feedback systems or electronic control units that adjust the motor output according to load demand and operating conditions.


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