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According to different speeds and torques, hydraulic motors are divided into two categories: high-speed small torque type and low-speed large torque type. Generally, a motor with a rated speed higher than 500r/min is called a high-speed motor, and a motor with a rated speed lower than 500r/min is called a low-speed motor. 


The basic types of high-speed hydraulic motors are gear type, screw type, vane type and axial plunger type, etc., and its structure is similar to the same type of hydraulic pump, and the working principle is reversible, but due to the different purposes of use of the two, there are many differences in structure, and generally cannot be directly reversed to each other. High-speed hydraulic motor has the advantages of high speed, small moment of inertia, easy to start and brake, high adjustment and commutation sensitivity, etc., but the output torque is small (only tens to hundreds of N. m), a deceleration device needs to be added when dragging a low-speed load. The basic type of low-speed hydraulic motor is generally plunger type, with single-acting and multi-acting type. Low-speed hydraulic motor has large displacement, low speed and large output torque (up to thousands to tens of thousands of N. m), which can be directly connected to its dragged working mechanism without the need for a deceleration device, but its volume is large.


There are many types of hydraulic motors with different characteristics, and the appropriate hydraulic motor should be selected for specific purposes and their working conditions. In low-speed operating conditions, a low-speed motor can be selected, and a high-speed motor acceleration and deceleration device can also be used. If you want to buy a low-speed hydraulic motor, you can't miss this Low Speed Large Torque Hydraulic Motor (BMV/OMV315cc-1000cc) from Hanjiu. BMV/OMV motors are widely used in hydraulic wood splitters, excavator splitters and mining equipment. It maintains a constant working torque over a wide speed range and runs smoothly over the entire speed range. High starting torque, high efficiency, high return pressure, no drain line (high pressure shaft seal) required. Long service life even under extreme operating conditions. High radial and axial load carrying capacity and a robust and compact design can be used in a wide variety of environments and hydraulic components. 


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