Low Speed High Torque Motor


Low-speed high-torque motors are characterized by low minimum speed, about 5-10r/min, large output torque, up to tens of thousands of N·m; The radial size is large and the moment of inertia is large. Usually it can be directly connected with the working mechanism, and does not need a reduction device, which greatly simplifies the transmission structure. 


There are three basic forms of low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors: crank connecting rod motors, static balance motors, and multi-acting internal curve motors.


When choosing a hydraulic motor, first of all, according to the working characteristics of the hydraulic system to select the type, and then according to the required output torque and speed to choose the appropriate model and specifications, generally speaking, gear motor structure is simple, cheap, often used in high speed, low torque and motion stability requirements are not high occasions. For example, drive grinders, fans, etc. The vane motor has small moment of inertia and sensitive action, but the volumetric efficiency is not high, the mechanical characteristics are soft, and it is suitable for occasions above medium speed, small torque, and frequent starting and commutation. For example, the drive of the grinding machine table, the machine control system, etc. Axial piston motors have high volumetric efficiency, large speed regulation range, and good low-speed stability, but slightly poor impact resistance, and are often used in high-pressure systems with high requirements. Such as diesel locomotive main drive, lifting machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery and ships, etc. 


Are you still struggling to find a good low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor? Then take a look at our Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor BMS / Eaton Charlynn 2000. Its biggest highlight is that the BMS series motors adopt an advanced Geroler gear set design with disc distribution flow and high pressure. The unit is available in individual variants in multifunctional operation depending on the application requirements. In addition to this, the advanced manufacturing unit of the Geroler gear set, which uses low-pressure start-up, provides smooth and reliable operation and high efficiency. The output shaft adapts to tapered roller bearings, allowing high axial and radial forces. The housing provides high pressure and high torque capability in a wide range of applications. Advanced disc dispensing process design, which can be automatically compensated during operation, high volumetric efficiency, long life, smooth and reliable operation. The specifications are the same as Danfoss OMS, M+S MS, Eaton 2000 series. Rail hydraulic motor BMS series is widely used in construction equipment, agricultural equipment, material handling and lifting equipment, forestry equipment, road sweepers, etc Machine tools and stationary equipment, marine equipment and other fields. 


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