Low Speed Hydraulic Motors


Hydraulic motor traditionally refers to the energy conversion device that outputs rotary motion and converts the hydraulic energy provided by the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy. Low-speed hydraulic motor refers to a hydraulic motor with relatively low speed but relatively large output torque, which is mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, engineering machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petrochemical, port machinery, etc. 


The main basis for selecting a hydraulic motor is the host's requirements for the hydraulic system, such as torque, speed, working pressure, displacement, shape and connection size, volumetric efficiency, total efficiency, quality, price, supply and convenience of use and maintenance, etc. Usually the torque and speed of the hydraulic motor should not appear at the same time, and the actual speed should not be lower than the small speed of the motor to avoid creep. The selection of hydraulic motors is mainly based on the requirements of the host for the hydraulic system and the specific application and working conditions, as well as the applicable working conditions and scope of application of various hydraulic motors. If it is mainly to improve work efficiency, you should choose a motor with high total efficiency; If life is important, you should choose a motor with a small pressure drop, and the products selected are mostly compromises of the native solution, and comprehensively compare the performance of a wide variety of hydraulic motors.


Oms500 Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motor Cycloid Hydraulic Motor This low speed hydraulic motor is the star product of our Hanjiu company. It is BMS orbital hydraulic motor with disc valve, BM hydraulic motor is a high torque Iowa speed hydraulic motor with high efficiency and long life. BM motor has a wide speed range, high starting torque, stable high-speed rotation, small and lightweight, can be directly connected to the working machine, and adapts to various Iowa speed and heavy duty facilities. BM hydraulic motors are widely used in agricultural machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, mining and construction machinery. 


Shijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of BM series cycloid hydraulic motor and BZZ steering gear. Our factory has dozens of high-quality professional engineering and technical personnel, and introduced many advanced machines in 2010. The production facility is a large factory in northern China, producing more than 300,000 units per year. Our factory specializes in the design and production of any type of motor and steering gear required by customers, from large to small, from low to high displacement. It can also replace Danfoss, Eaton, M+S series models.


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