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In addition to Danfoss and Parker, the internationally renowned hydraulic brands also have m+s. m+s is a state-owned enterprise that provides services to the construction industry, maintenance and repair of excavators, bulldozers and automatic cranes. The biggest feature of orbital motors produced by m+s compared with orbital motors produced by other brands is that the quality is good enough.


m+s is a state-owned enterprise that provides services to the construction industry, maintenance and repair of excavators, bulldozers and automatic cranes. In 1995, M+S Hydraulics developed, introduced and certified a quality system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:1994. M+S is the first company to receive ISO 9001 certification. The certificate was issued by the German authoritative certification body TUV certificate on September 18, 1995. As a result of ISO 9001 acceptance, M+S Hydraulics has improved and stabilized its own product quality, won the trust of its customers, and became one of the world leaders in the production of hydraulic motors and hydrostatic steering gear. Now, in order to develop and consolidate its position as one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic motors and hydrostatic steering gear, M+S Hydraulics is ISO 9001:2015 certified, maintaining and applying the main principles of the quality system. The clear and transparent quality inspection standards dispel the doubts of customers, so that customers can buy m+s orbital motors with confidence and without fear of being cheated. Through this move, the m+s brand name has been established and has become more and more popular over time.


In addition to m+s, there is another company that also adheres to the concept of quality first, which is Hanjiu. Hanjiu is a Chinese company specializing in the production of hydraulic products. Since 2010, Hanjiu has always put product quality first. In order to ensure that all the orbital motors sold by Hanjiu meet international standards and have uniform quality, Hanjiu has made the following efforts. First of all, Hanjiu has established a hydraulic product research and development team composed of young researchers. Young researchers can always provide Hanjiu with fresher and more dynamic energy. Such a team is also more innovative. Product quality has been polished repeatedly, and product performance has been continuously optimized to ensure the best user experience for consumers. Secondly, Hanjiu adopts a modern production process, the production process strictly follows the production standards, and all behaviors conform to the specifications. In addition, the orbital motors produced by Hanjiu will go through strict quality inspections before leaving the factory to screen out the unqualified products, so as to ensure that the quality of Hanjiu products purchased by consumers is free of defects. Finally, all products produced by Hanjiu have a one-year warranty period, including orbital motors. During this period, if you have any problems with the Hanjiu orbital motors, you can contact Hanjiu to help you solve it.


Hanjiu understands the importance of the quality of orbital motors products and takes a series of actions to ensure product quality, so Hanjiu has achieved success. So far, Hanjiu has not only become the largest hydraulic product manufacturing company in northern China, but their products are also sold to more than 30 countries in the world, which is a remarkable achievement.


In a word, if you value product quality, you will definitely not go wrong in choosing Hanjiu's products. In addition to orbital motors, Hanjiu also produces and sells various other types of hydraulic products, you are welcome to visit Hanjiu's official website.


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