orbital hydraulic motor repair


As the executive component of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic motor is mainly used to convert the hydraulic pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and speed) of the output oil. Once the component fails, it will cause oil leakage, speed reduction, and excessive noise. How to solve many failure problems such as large, violent vibration, overheating and crawling? Let's have a look!


1. The motor is weak

①Check whether the pairing of the stator and the rotor is too loose - because the internal parts of the motor are in a state of friction with each other during operation, if the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system is too poor, it will accelerate the wear of the internal parts of the motor. When the needle teeth in the stator body exceed a certain limit, the internal gap of the stator body pairing will become larger, and the normal oil sealing effect cannot be achieved, which may cause further internal leakage problems. The symptom is that the motor runs normally under no load. , but the sound is louder than normal, and it will be weak or run slowly under load. The solution is to replace the needle teeth with a slightly larger outer diameter (such as a cylinder);

② Check whether the internal leakage is accelerated due to wear between the output shaft and the casing hole - the main reason for this failure is that the hydraulic oil is not pure enough and contains certain impurities, which causes grooves to be ground inside the casing, thereby increasing the internal leakage. Large makes the motor weak, the solution is to replace the housing in time or re-pair the whole.


2. The speed is unstable at low speed, and there is a phenomenon of crawling

① Check whether the tooth surface of the rotor is scratched or not. The frictional force of the position where the hair is pulled is larger, and the position where the hair is not pulled is smaller, which is prone to pulsation of speed and torque, especially at low speed. imbalance. The roughening of the rotor tooth surface is mainly due to the large contact stress of the rotor tooth surface, in addition to the dirt in the oil. For the tooth surface between the six-tooth rotor and the seven-tooth stator, the contact pressure can be up to 30MPa, and the pulsating force of the speed and torque can also exceed 2%, so the tooth surface is easy to be rough, and the low-speed performance is deviated. To solve this problem, it can be changed to an eight-tooth rotor and a nine-tooth stator, and select a smaller short-amplitude coefficient and a larger needle diameter coefficient, which can reduce the maximum contact pressure of the tooth surface to about 20MPa, and the speed of the motor will pulsate. The speed can be reduced to about 1.5%, the low-speed performance can be improved to a certain extent, and the minimum speed can be stabilized at about 5r/min.


②For the situation that the cylindrical pin wheel of the stator cannot be rotated during operation, the method of adjusting the thickness of the pin teeth to be slightly smaller than the thickness of the stator can be adopted.


3. The speed is reduced and the output torque is reduced

①With orbital hydraulic motor, there is no clearance compensation mechanism (except plane distribution), the rotor and stator are sealed by line contact, and the sealing line in the whole motor is long. When the contact line is damaged or the contact line is pulled, the internal leakage will be larger, resulting in a decrease in volumetric efficiency, a decrease in speed and a decrease in output torque.

②The meshing position of the rotor and the stator, as well as the distribution position of the distribution shaft and the body, the consistency of the relative positions of the two has a great influence on the output torque. If the corresponding relationship between the two is mismatched, it means that the distribution accuracy is not high. This will further cause a significant reduction in torsional speed and output torque, and the solution lies in locating these parts and adjusting accordingly.


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