Notes on disassembly and installation of orbitrol de dirección tractor


Agricultural machinery such as high-horsepower tractors and combine harvesters now mostly use hydraulic steering systems. The hydraulic steering gear is an important part of the hydraulic steering system. It is manufactured with precision and has a complex structure. If the maintenance personnel do not understand its working principle and operation requirements, drive brutally, disassemble and replace parts blindly, it will often lead to frequent failures of the locomotive and reduce the quality of use. The maintenance cost increases and the maintenance time is prolonged, which seriously affects the economic benefits of agricultural machinery households. This requires us to pay special attention to the disassembly and installation. Only in this way can we reduce the failures in operation and prolong the service life of the steering gear. When disassembling and installing the hydraulic steering gear, please pay attention to the following matters:


    (1) Do not disassemble the full hydraulic steering gear at will, otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the mating surface; when it must be disassembled, pay attention to cleaning and do not scratch the mating surface.


    (2) When disassembling, first take out the steel ball of the manpower steering check valve. Then take out the valve sleeve and valve core. In order to prevent the steel ball from falling between the oil inlet hole and the ring groove of the valve sleeve, the surface of the valve sleeve will be damaged. When assembling, proceed in reverse order.


    (3) All internal parts are not allowed to be bruised or left with residual grease and paint, and must be cleaned. When assembling, do not allow dirt to enter the valve, and apply clean new oil to the surface of the parts. When assembling the valve sleeve and the valve core, they should be aligned smoothly, and do not collide with each other, so as not to damage the parts.


    (4) The rubber seals must meet the quality requirements, and no flash, burr and extrusion defects are allowed. Gasoline and kerosene are strictly prohibited when cleaning. It can be washed with warm soapy water with low alkalinity.


    (5) When the nut at the check valve (steel ball) is screwed into the valve body, it should be lower than the valve plane.


    (6) The mounting seat hole should be coaxial with the steering shaft, and there should be a gap in the steering to prevent the valve core from being dead. Generally, it should be checked whether the steering wheel is flexible in the return position after installation.


    (7) When installing the linkage, pay attention to the correct assembly relationship between the linkage and the rotor. Note that the rotor and the end face of the linkage shaft are marked with "dots". The two points should be opposite to each other during assembly. ACCIDENT. No

When marking, the center line of the pin slot at the upper end of the linkage should be aligned with the center line of the tooth concave of the rotor.


    (8) The words "left", "right", "inlet" and "return" are marked at the pipe interface of the valve. Some valves are replaced with "A", "B", "P" and "0". When installing the pipeline, the "left" and "right" ports should be connected with the "left" and "right" chamber pipelines leading to the steering hydraulic cylinder respectively, and the "inlet" oil port and the output from the single-channel stable diverter valve should be constant. The oil port lines are connected, and the "return" oil port is connected with the oil return line leading to the hydraulic tank.


    (9) When installing the valve, add 50-100 mL of hydraulic oil to the oil port, and try to rotate the valve core left and right. If there is no abnormality, it can be installed.


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