Orbitrol De Tractor Ford 6610


As a classic agricultural tractor model with a long history, the tractor ford 6610 should be familiar to people in the industry. It's towing type is two-wheel drive, the cylinder is four-cylinder, and the engine output is about 66.2 kW (90 hp). Ford's entire 10-series hydraulic system uses high-pressure pumps, which allow the tractor to drive more remote implements. Of these, the Model 6610 can be fitted with up to four single- or double-acting spool valves. These valves are external, so it is convenient to adjust the flow individually. The flow through each spool valve can be adjusted individually regardless of pressure. In order to meet the requirements of the farm implements to be towed and the main work, the adjuster can also be adjusted when the slide valve is working. In addition, the Ford Model 6610 uses a high-flow power steering pump.


Although its popularity rate is far less than that of some modern new tractors in recent years, Hanjiu Technology can still produce system accessories suitable for 6610. If you have this demand, please feel free to visit Hanjiu's official website to leave a message or directly contact them. As the times progress, modern tractors are much more complex than early tractor tractors, and they can do all sorts of things thanks to some new features that have been born with technology. Pulling heavy loads remains one of the most important jobs tractors do for farmers. The tractor uses the drop bar to pull agricultural implements such as plows, trailers, hay balers, fertilizer spreaders, etc. The drop bar creates a secure and flexible connection anywhere behind the tractor. The lower lever can also be turned so a tractor can easily pull its load into corners. Some tools often need to be moved from one place to another, sometimes they need to work in the ground, and sometimes they need to be lifted and transported. This problem greatly affects the work efficiency. Modern tractors solve this problem by using a hydraulic power lift system. It can lift and lower the tools on the ground through the switch, and with the drawbar, the tractor can easily raise or lower the position of the plough when working in the field, and it can also be easily transported home after work. A hydraulic hitch is actually a lever mechanism that lifts and lowers the implement; it is powered by hydraulic cylinders on either side, and has a hydraulic connection at the top to the power tool and power socket, which can be used to power the supporting agricultural implements while working. Power Take-Off Almost all modern tractors can use a power take-off (PTO) to power supporting farm implements. It is essentially a rotating shaft, usually at the rear of the tractor, and its power comes directly from the engine. To use the PTO, you need to connect a special swivel rod (gimbal joint) between the tractor and the machine. Machines like hay balers have rotating rakes, wheels and gears in them, when it is mounted to the tractor At the rear of the baler, and connected to the power take-off, the power of the tractor drives the machine inside the baler, and also drives its own wheels. This is why traction-powered machines have to be driven relatively slowly: a small fraction of the engine power is diverted to the machinery behind. Looking closely at a tractor working in the farmland, you can often see the PTO rotating between the tractor and the equipment it pulls, but Hanjiu Technology reminds you not to approach it while it is rotating! They spin at about 500rpm, which is very dangerous, and this is arguably the most dangerous place for a tractor.


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