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Hello everyone, see you again! The product we bring today is the omp 125 motor of Hanjiu Technology. This series of hydraulic motors adopts the advanced design of the valve plate gear set, which can resist high pressure. In multifunctional operation, it is also possible to provide individual variants of the unit to suit the requirements of the user's application.

Let's take a look at the advantages of the omp 125 motor. Its main features are as follows:

1. Its Geroler gear set adopts advanced manufacturing equipment, low starting pressure, which can provide smooth operation, reliable and high efficiency.

2. The output shaft of the omp 125 motor is suitable for tapered roller bearings that allow high axial and radial forces. This case can provide high pressure and high torque capability in a wide range of applications.

3. The advanced disc distribution flow design can automatically compensate for efficiency and long life when the motor is running with large flow, providing smooth and reliable operation.

4. The new series of omp 125 motor is suitable for vehicles with larger load and pressure drop.

Below, the editor will share with you some instructions on the use of the new series of motors. If you plan to buy a hydraulic motor from Hanjiu Technology, I think these things will bring you a lot of help.

First, let me say something about the lubricant used. The system should be equipped with a corresponding oil filter to ensure the cleanliness of the system oil. The hydraulic circuit must be equipped with a cooling system to prevent excessive oil temperature. Pressure gauges and thermometers must be installed in the oil inlet line. A pressure gauge should be installed in the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic pump. System hydraulic oil requirements According to different ambient temperatures and uses, the oil used should have good viscosity-temperature properties, good defoaming properties, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, high flash point, etc. During the operation of the motor, its viscosity is between (25-70)*10-6m2/s, and the water, alkali and mechanical impurities in the oil must not exceed the allowable value. It is recommended to use YB-N46, YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The filtering accuracy of the system is better than 20um. The normal working oil temperature is 25-55℃, and the short-term working oil temperature is not higher than 65℃.

Next, before the motor is installed, it is necessary to check whether the motor is damaged. If there is oil that has been stored for a long time, it will need to be drained and flushed to prevent internal moving parts from sticking. The motor mounting bracket must be rigid enough to prevent shock and vibration during rotation. Mounting bolts must be tightened evenly. The motor cannot be forcibly installed or twisted. Do not remove the plastic plugs on the pipes and tubing until they are installed.

When the system is connected, the relationship between the installation position of the motor inlet and outlet on the installation drawing and the rotation of the motor should be recognized. During the installation process, it was found that the oil inlet and outlet were not suitable for the corresponding forward and reverse directions of the output shaft.

Finally, the pressure, flow and output power of the motor should not exceed the specified values; the oil temperature should not exceed 65°C during long-term operation. Motor limit operating temperature: -30℃-90℃. Before starting, check the motor installation, whether the connection is correct and firm, and whether the system is correct. Check whether the direction of oil inlet and outlet and the rotation direction of the motor meet the requirements of the working conditions. The pressure of the safety valve of the oil supply line is adjusted to the lowest value, and gradually adjusted to the required pressure after operation. Tighten the inlet, outlet and drain pipes. After running the motor with no load for at least 10 minutes, gradually increase the pressure to the working pressure, and observe whether the motor is running normally during the operation. During operation, the working condition of the motor and system should be checked frequently. If abnormal temperature rise, leakage, vibration and noise or abnormal pressure fluctuations are found, the machine should be shut down immediately to find out the cause.

Our product recommendation and sharing today is here, thank you for reading, and sincerely invite you to become our customer, because HANJIU always guarantees fine quality, professional technology, reasonable price and fast delivery in the field of motors. Good profits are given to dealers, who are willing to serve the people of the world with the best attitude.


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