How to choose Hydraulic Control Valve for high torque hydraulic motor?


As the control element of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic control valve can control and adjust the start, stop, movement direction and movement speed of the hydraulic actuator, and is the most used component in the hydraulic system. High-quality hydraulic valves can make the design of the hydraulic system more reasonable. Matching the corresponding high torque hydraulic motor,In the face of a wide variety of hydraulic valves with different specifications, how to choose?

1. Pressure and flow selection

Select the rated pressure of the hydraulic valve according to the maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system, and select the flow specification of the hydraulic valve according to the maximum flow through the hydraulic valve

2. The choice of control method

The control mode of the hydraulic valve is selected according to the operation requirements of the hydraulic system and the configuration of the electrical system. The degree of automation of the hydraulic system is not high, or if you do not need to adjust frequently, you can choose a manually controlled hydraulic valve. If the degree of automation of the system is required to be high, the hydraulic valve with electric or hydraulic control is generally used.

3. Selection of directional control valve

First, select the type of directional valve according to the requirements of the system. For example, when the oil can only flow in one direction and cannot flow in the opposite direction, a single control valve should be selected. According to the working state of the hydraulic system and the characteristics of the valve, the control mode of the directional valve is selected. For example, when the mass of the moving parts is small and the flow rate is less than 63L/min, the electromagnetic reversing valve can be selected due to the low accuracy of the commutation; valve; when the system has a locking circuit, the requirements for tightness are higher, and a hydraulically controlled check valve should be selected at this time. 

Select the diameter of the directional control valve according to the flow, and the flow of the valve should be slightly larger than the flow required by the system. For example, the diameter of the manual valve is selected according to the distance, quantity and response time controlled by the valve. The 3mm diameter is generally used for centralized control or when the distance is within 20M, and the 6mm diameter is used for the distance above 20m or the control quantity is relatively small. many occasions.

4. Selection of pressure control valve

According to the working state of the hydraulic system, the pressure requirements and the function of the valve, it is necessary to consider the pressure adjustment range of the valve, the required pressure sensitivity and stability, etc.

For example, a relief valve is connected in parallel at the outlet of the pump, which can prevent the system from overloading, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the pump and hydraulic system; for example, a back pressure valve can be set on the circuit, and its oil return resistance can be used to improve the movement stability of the actuator. ; If there is a pressure reducing circuit in the system, the pressure of the high pressure circuit must be reduced to a low pressure, and a pressure reducing valve can be used.

5. Selection of flow control valve

When selecting a flow control valve, the flow adjustment range, flow-pressure characteristics, minimum stable flow, etc. of the flow valve should be considered. If the speed of the actuator is stable, a speed control valve should be selected, and it should be noted that the minimum stable flow rate is less than the minimum flow rate required by the actuator; if the system has high flow stability requirements and the ambient temperature changes relatively large, the speed control with temperature compensation should be selected. valve.


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