Oms Motor Service Manual


There are many precautions in the use of OMS motors. These precautions are professional and trivial. Today, I have compiled a manual  OMS motor services manual, hoping to help you understand and master the precautions when using motors.


1. How to install OMS motor

Before installation, check whether the motor is damaged. The motor oil stored for along time needs to be drained and rinsed to prevent the internal moving parts from sticking.The motor mounting bracket must have sufficient rigidity to prevent shock and vibration during rotation.The mounting bolts must be tightened evenly.Connection method of drain pipe:The BMR motor has two built-in check valves, and the leaked oil can return to the oil return pipe through the check valve.


The motor is unstable when running at low speed, and can be eliminated by applying back pressure, the back pressure value is not less than 0.2Mpa.This type of motor can not be operated under the pump working conditions, nor can it be used as a pump.The installation surface should be flat.The installation should determine the connection flange, the stop, and the output connection shaft size is accurate.Ensure that the output shaft and the device connected to the transmission have good concentricity. When the output shaft is installed, it is necessary to prevent the axial thrust of the output shaft and the interlocking device.


During the installation process, the smoothness and parallelism of the connecting plate part of the oil inlet and outlet are protected to prevent the oil sealing effect caused by the bumps from being bad, resulting in oil leakage.


The screws and the rear cover of the rear of the motor must not be hit during installation.If you want to tap, please tap the mounting flange The motor cannot be installed forcefully or twisted.


Do not remove the plastic plugs above the pipelines and oil pipes before they are installed.When the system is connected, the relationship between the installation position of the motor inlet and outlet on the installation drawing and the rotation of the motor should be recognized. During the motor installation, it was found that the oil inlet and outlet are not suitable for the corresponding positive and negative rotation directions of the output shaft. Replacing the installation of the oil inlet and outlet pipes for the A and B chambers can achieve the opposite effect to the original working rotation direction.


2. How to use the motor

The pressure, flow, and output power of the motor must not exceed the specified values.When running for a long time, the oil temperature does not exceed 65℃.Motor limit working temperature: -30℃-70℃3.2 Commissioning Before starting, check the motor installation, whether the connection is correct and firm, and the system is correct.Check whether the oil inlet and outlet directions and motor rotation direction meet the requirements of working conditions. 


The pressure of the relief valve of the oil supply line is adjusted to the lowest value,and gradually adjusted to the required pressure after operation. Tighten the inlet andoutlet pipes and the drain pipe.After running the motor under no load for at least 10 minutes, gradually increase the pressure to the working pressure, and observe whether the motor is running normally at any time during the operation.During operation, the working conditions of the motor and system should be checked frequently. If abnormal temperature rise, leakage, vibration and noise or abnormal pulsation of pressure are found, the machine should be stopped immediately to find out the cause.


During use, when the temperature of the oil inlet is ≥65 °C, please check whether the cooler works normally. To ensure the normal working

temperature of the motor surface.Motor transportation should be equipped with appropriate wooden boxes and cardboard boxes according to the size of the motor, and plastic paper packaging on the surface of the motor to prevent the moisture and moisture from invading the motor and causing the motor to rust and cause motor failure. Avoid placing the motor directly on the ground. No need to apply anti-rust oil for a long time. Motor storage environment: 10-9%RH, -20-65S C.During transportation and storage, the motor should avoid moisture, moisture and any what corrosive gas.


3. Motor troubleshooting

The motor is a precision component, which needs to be installed, commissioned and repaired by professionals. Without our company's consent, it is not allowed to dismantle and repair it by yourself. If the user unit has the conditions for dismantling and inspection with the permission of our company, after reading the instructions carefully, you can dismantle and inspect it yourself, but you must pay attention to the following three points: When disassembling, be careful not to knock the parts and scratch the hair,especially to protect the moving surface and sealing surface of the parts. The disassembled parts are placed in a clean container to avoid collision with each other.It is forbidden to strike with a hammer during disassembly and assembly. The removed parts should be carefully inspected, and the worn parts are basically replaced without repairing by themselves. In principle, all seals are replaced.


Before assembling, all parts should be cleaned and dried. Do not use cotton yarn or rags to wipe the parts. The assembly place and the tools used should be clean.


4. Motor maintenance 

Regularly check the accessories in the hydraulic system, the accuracy of pressure gauges, thermometers, etc.


It is not allowed to use mixed oils of different types of hydraulic oils, and the period of renewal of new oils varies according to different industries and mines.Under normal circumstances: the hydraulic oil is changed every six months Disposal of waste oil after motor use:Should be sent to a special waste oil treatment unit for centralized treatment of waste oil.


If the motor is not used for a long time:The cavity should be filled with oil, and the oil ports should be sealed. Grease on the surface of the output shaft should be wrapped with a cloth or sleeve.


The manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences caused by the user not following the above recommendations or using the motor incorrectly.


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