How to Read OMS Motor PDF More Efficiently?


OMS motor refers to a small, low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor of internal meshing cycloidal gear type. It has many advantages such as simple structure, good low-speed performance, and strong short-term overload capacity. There is a stator and a movable blade in the OMS motor. The stator, the blade and the drive shaft divide the motor into two cavities. Each cavity has an oil port. When one oil port enters the oil, the other comes out, and the oil enters the propeller. swing. Orbital motors are now widely used in daily production in various industries.


When we are choosing a suitable OMS motor, we first look at the PDF file of its related parameters, but there are a lot of various parameters in an OMS motor pdf, how to find the parameters you need faster? Which parameters are critical to OMS motor performance? This article mainly introduces the main technical parameters of the OMS motor for everyone to learn and understand.


1. Pressure, the unit is MPa, indicating the size of the force per unit area. The pressure regulation of the motor can realize stepless pressure regulation. Generally speaking, the maximum pressure of the motor is 20MPa, the pressure is too high, the motor load is too large, and it is easy to be damaged;


2. Displacement, the unit is ml/r, which means the volume of hydraulic oil discharged per revolution of the motor. The displacement of each motor is fixed, that is, the OMS motor is a quantitative motor; Displacement is used as an important parameter to define motor specifications in OMS motor sales


3. The flow rate, in L/min, indicates the volume of hydraulic oil discharged by the OMS motor per minute. Each type of motor has a relatively fixed flow value. If it is greater than this value, the motor speed will be too high;


4. The rotational speed, in r/min, indicates the number of revolutions per minute of the output shaft of the OMS motor. The motor of each displacement has its fixed speed range, and the motor is easily damaged if the value is larger than this range. If the motor speed is too small, it is easy to cause crawling phenomenon;


5. Torque, in Nm, indicates the magnitude of the force per unit length. The torque value of each motor varies according to the pressure it is subjected to, but it cannot exceed the maximum value of the torque that the motor is subjected to. If the maximum value is exceeded, the motor will be overloaded and the OMS motor will be quickly damaged.


6. Volumetric efficiency, the actual utilization rate of the internal volume cavity of the motor. It is one of the indicators to judge the performance of the motor.


7. Mechanical efficiency, the ratio of motor actual torque to theoretical torque. It is one of the indicators to judge the performance of the motor.


8. Back pressure, the unit is MPa, which means the pressure on the oil drain port. Excessive back pressure will damage the internal seal of the motor.


9. Radial load, the unit is N, which represents the radial force acting on the output shaft of the OMS motor. The larger radial load that each motor bears can be found from the sample.


10. False seepage, a small amount of hydraulic oil seeping out from the motor joint surface. When the motor runs and heats up to a certain level, the surface of the motor quickly oozes out, but then it stops oozing out, which does not affect the use of the motor.

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