Omt 250 Hydraulic Motor


The omt 250 hydraulic motor have an advanced gear set design with disc distribution flow and high pressure.The device may provide separate variant functions in operation according to the requirements of the application.Not only that, it is also equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment for the Geroler gear set to provide smooth and reliable operation and high efficiency.omt 250 hydraulic motor is a hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Company.It can be flexibly installed on a variety of devices, so it has a wide range of applications.Its unique advantages make it popular, many construction companies need a large number of omt 250 hydraulic motor hydraulic motors, many manufacturers have flooded into the hydraulic motor market, but some companies do not pay enough attention to product control, or they are very inadequate in service.Hanjiu Technology company as a professional hydraulic motor company, relying on its own continuous development, the technology of producing such products has been quite mature, each of their production parts have been carefully polished, so that Hanjiu products are better than the similar products of other companies.For a long time, Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. constantly innovates its enterprise philosophy and business philosophy.

The omt 250 hydraulic motor has many advantages, such as:

* The output shaft is adapted to tapered roller bearings, allowing high axial and radial direction

physical strength.The ability to provide high pressure and high torque in a wide range of applications.

* Advanced valve valve distribution process design for automatic compensation High volume efficiency, long life, stable and reliable operation.

So how do we solve some problems in the process of using it?Now I will tell you some precautions in the use of omt 250 hydraulic motor.

The correct use of the motor will directly affect the working life.So we must do the following.

1. System requirements

The system shall be equipped with an appropriate oil filter to ensure the cleanliness of the system oil.

The hydraulic circuit must be equipped with a cooling system to prevent excessive oil temperature.

The pressure gauge and thermometer must be installed in the oil inlet line.

A pressure gauge should be installed in the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic pump.

System hydraulic oil requirements: according to different environmental temperature and use, the oil used should have good viscosity temperature performance, good deffoaming performance, oxidation resistance, rust prevention, high flash point, etc.The motor viscosity is between (25-70) * 10-6 m2/s, and the water, alkali and mechanical impurities in the oil shall not exceed the allowable value (YB-N46, YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended).

The filtration accuracy of the system is better than 20 m, so the normal working oil temperature is 25-55℃, and the short-term working oil temperature should not be higher than 65℃.

2. Motor installation

Check the motor for damage before installation.Oil stored for long periods needs to be emptied and flushed to prevent internal moving parts from sticking.

Motor mounting brackets must be rigid enough to prevent shock and vibration during rotation.

The mounting bolts must be tightened evenly.

3. Connecting way of drainage pipe

This motor cannot operate under the operating conditions of the pump and cannot be used as a pump.

Installation surface shall be flat.

The dimensions of the connection flanges, block and output connection shaft shall be determined when installation.

Ensure that the output shaft and the transmission are well concentricity.When installing the output shaft, the axial thrust of the output shaft and the interlocking device must be prevented.

Do not impact the screws and the rear cover at the rear of the motor during installation.

If tapping, tap the installation flange.

The motor cannot be forcibly installed or twisted.

Do not remove the plastic plugs from pipes and pipes before installing them.

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