Some Knowledge About Omt 200 Hydraulic Motor


How much do you know about the omt 200 hydraulic motor?If you don't know anything or don't know a lot, then this article must be tailored for you!I will introduce you to the advantages of omt 200 hydraulic motor, and I will also introduce you in detail to the parameters of hydraulic motors under different pressures, if you are interested, welcome to read below!

The hydraulic motor I introduced to you is from Hanjiu Technology, they keep pace with The Times and constantly innovate and break through in the field of hydraulic motors according to the changing needs of customers around the world, and this omt 200 hydraulic motor is a product model in their omt series of hydraulic motors.So what are the characteristics of this series of motors?What is he worth buying?Let's take a look at her configuration and features.

The OMT series motors have an advanced gear set design with disc shunting and high pressure.According to the daily application requirements, Hanjiu Technology allows this series of motors to provide a versatile individual variation.Typical features: it uses advanced Geroler gear set design for low voltage start; provide stable and reliable operation and high efficiency; output shaft for high axial and radial roller bearings; high pressure and high torque; advanced valve flow design, hydraulic motor fully automatic compensation in operation, not only these, but high volume efficiency, long life, smooth and reliable operation.

What do you think of it?Next, I will give you the major parameters of this omt 200 hydraulic motor when it encounters different pressures during operation:

The maximum value of the motor under continuous pressure (during normal operation of the motor) is: maximum speed (speed) 625, maximum torque 590N m, maximum output 34.9 kW, maximum pressure drop 20 mpa, maximum flow 125 l / min.

The maximum motor operating under intermittent pressure (motor running within 6 seconds per minute) is: maximum speed (speed) 750, maximum torque 710N m, maximum output 40 kW, maximum pressure drop 24 mpa, maximum flow 150 l / min.

The maximum motor operating at peak pressure (motor running within 0.6 seconds per minute) is: maximum torque of 838N m and maximum pressure drop of 28 mpa.

Well, we have today's content sharing is here. If you have a need for hydraulic motors or other parts, please look for hanjiu Technology products.In addition, also need to say that the hydraulic motor is a kind of high precision instrument products, inevitably appear in the process of using all kinds of problems, whether you appear in the process of using the motor cannot solve the problem, can consult us at any time, our contact information in the website of science and technology, welcome to visit at any time.If you would like to know more information about hydraulic motors also feel free to visit our website, where not only various types of hydraulic motors, but also a lot of hydraulic motor expertise.Hanjiu Technology, welcome to visit and cooperation.


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