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We know that omt motors is a series of cycloid motors. There are many models of omt motors series, including omt195, omt245, omt310, etc., which are widely used in many fields. So do you know the performance characteristics of omt motors series motors? Which company's omt motors quality is more guaranteed? How should these motors be maintained and used only when they are bought home? Let's take a look at these questions today!

First of all, in terms of performance and characteristics, omt motors have the characteristics of strong stability and long life. OMT series hydraulic motor is an advanced hydraulic motor with end-face distribution structure. This series of motors uses a column-type rotating stator, which has the characteristics of high working pressure, high working efficiency, good efficiency and retention of the whole machine, and long working life. On the basis of the standard structure, the multi-functional variant design can be carried out according to user needs. These designs also create its unique features:

1. Adopt advanced rotor stator parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency and good retention.

2. High working pressure and large output torque. The tapered roller bearing structure is adopted, which can bear the axial and radial loads strongly, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism, and the scope of use is expanded.

3. The advanced end face distribution structure ensures high motor distribution accuracy and strong automatic compensation function after wear, ensuring high volumetric efficiency, long motor life, stable motor speed and stable load speed characteristics.

If you're looking to buy a motor that's very adaptable, you can consider this motor, as it is suitable for continuous operation under harsh operating conditions: such as high pressure, thin oil or frequent commutation. Tapered roller bearings on the output shaft make the motor suitable for absorbing static and dynamic radial loads. In addition to individually actuated and hydraulically balanced disc valves, hydraulic and mechanical losses are minimized. This gives the motor high efficiency and good starting characteristics even at high voltages.

If you want to buy an omt motors, but don't trust the manufacturer, my suggestion is that you can go to Hanjiu Technology to buy it. This recommendation is not without reason. Since 2010, Hanjiu Technology has become the first factory in northern China to produce and export hydraulic cycloid motors and steering gears, with an annual output of more than 900,000 PCS. Years of production and R&D experience, over the years their products have been sold all over the world and have been widely praised. Good reputation cannot be achieved by marketing. Only by making products and serving customers attentively can we win the trust of customers, and this is exactly the same as Hanjiu Technology has been practicing the "quality first, service first" company's business philosophy coincides with it, this is a trustworthy company.

When you buy an omt motor from Hanjiu, what should you pay attention to when using the machine? First of all, after getting the motor, don't rush to use it, you need to do a few things:

(1) Check whether the oil level of the oil pool meets the specified standards, if not, replenish oil in time.

(2) Check whether the button is flexible and whether it is blocked.

(3) Check whether the ground wire of the motor is loose or damaged. If it is loose, it should be tightened. If it falls off or is damaged, the maintenance personnel should be notified.

(4) Check whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable.

(5) Check whether each handle is flexible.

(6) Tighten the loose nuts.

During use, you need to start the hydraulic pump of the gantry hydraulic press, check whether the hydraulic pump works well, whether the sealing parts and pipelines are blocked or leaking; check whether the limit switch works well and whether the positioning of the bumper is normal; pay attention to each operation at any time. Whether the temperature rise of the components and the sound are normal.

After use, check and clean all active parts, and finally put each control handle (switch) in neutral (zero position). Don't be afraid of trouble, reasonable use can save you a lot of things later.

Today's discussion ends here. If you want to know more professional information about hydraulic products, please visit Hanjiu's official website, where you can find everything!


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