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In the last article, we learned about the omt motor together. I think everyone has a clear understanding. The topic we want to talk about today is "omt hydraulic motor". Although the Omt hydraulic motor and the omt motor have similar names and only one word difference, their products are actually very different. The biggest difference lies in the different energy sources. The energy of ordinary motors comes from electrical potential energy, while the hydraulic motor The energy source is the hydraulic oil pressure potential energy. The hydraulic motor is an actuator of the hydraulic system, which converts the hydraulic pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and rotational speed) of its output shaft. Hydraulic motors, also known as oil motors, are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, marine machinery, petrochemicals, port machinery, etc. Therefore, the omt motor and the omt hydraulic motor are not the same product, they are very different.

There are many models of omt hydraulic motors, including omt160, omt200, omt250, omt315, etc. There are many models you can choose from, and they have some differences in specific data such as speed, torque and flow. The official website of Hanjiu Technology is more clear and clear. , you can go and see. In general, OMT hydraulic motor is an advanced hydraulic motor with high-speed distribution structure. This series of hydraulic motors use column-type stator and rotor pairs, which have high working pressure, good low-speed stability, and can maintain high volumetric efficiency. The machine has the characteristics of good efficiency and good retention and long working life. On the basis of the standard structure, the multi-functional deformation design can be carried out according to user needs. This is a motor with very good performance.

If you have purchased an omt hydraulic motor, but encounter some obstacles in daily use, don't worry, the editor is here to provide you with some common faults and troubleshooting methods.

1. If the motor does not rotate, the reason for this may be that the pressure-free or the pressure does not meet the requirements for use, and the double-headed key is broken or the valve plate is stuck. The elimination method is to check the oil supply system, dismantle and replace parts, and disassemble and repair.

2. If your motor rotates weakly and the speed is slow, the cause of this situation may be that the outlet pressure of the oil pump is too low, the oil volume is not enough or the motor leaks greatly. The solution is to check the relief valve, oil pump and take corrective measures, which requires you to find out the reason for the insufficient oil supply of the oil pump and overhaul the motor.

3. If your motor makes an abnormal noise, there are many reasons for this. The possible reasons are: oil and air entering the inside of the motor, damaged parts, external vibration, contaminated oil, air bubbles mixed into the oil, etc. The elimination method is to check the sealing condition of the oil intake part, replace the oil, dismantle and replace the parts and take anti-vibration measures.

   The most easily damaged parts in omt hydraulic motors are oil seals, bearings and combination pads. These parts require you to pay more attention in daily use and pay attention to maintenance.

If you want to buy omt hydraulic motor, the recommendation of the editor is Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. Hanjiu Technology has been deeply engaged in the field of hydraulic products for more than ten years, and the product quality is sold to more than a dozen countries such as Italy. All are well protected. Hanjiu's products have a one-year warranty period, during which quality problems caused by the quality of the motor itself can be solved for you. Their website also has a lot of useful information about hydraulic products, I'm sure it will help you. Hanjiu Technology welcomes your visit


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