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Today, I will introduce you to some relevant knowledge about hydraulic motors. The hydraulic motor has the following working characteristics:


1. Under general working conditions, the pressure of the oil discharge port of the hydraulic motor is slightly greater than the atmospheric pressure, and the diameter of the oil inlet and outlet ports are the same. The inlet and outlet pressures of the hydraulic motor are higher than atmospheric pressure, so there is no suction performance problem of the hydraulic pump. However, if the motor is likely to operate under pump conditions (for example, when a load is falling), its oil inlet should have a pressure appropriate to its speed to avoid cavitation, noise and vibration. Since the return pressure of the motor is higher than atmospheric pressure, its leakage pipe cannot be connected to the oil return port and must be led back to the oil tank separately. 


2. Hydraulic motors often need to be positive and reversed, so they should have symmetry in the internal structure.


3. The actual working pressure difference of the hydraulic motor depends on the size of the load torque. When the moment of inertia or high speed of the driven parts requires rapid braking or reversal, a high hydraulic impact will be generated. For this purpose, the necessary safety valves and buffer valves should be set up in the system.


4. Since internal leakage is inevitable, there will still be a slow slip when the oil port of the motor is closed and braking is performed. Therefore, when it is necessary to brake for a long time and remain in place, a separate brake device should be installed to prevent slipping. 


5. Some forms of hydraulic motors must have sufficient back pressure to ensure normal operation when the oil return is sufficient, and the higher the speed, the greater the required back pressure. The increase in back pressure means that the pressure utilization of the oil source is reduced, and the loss of the system is large. 


6. When determining the bearing form of the hydraulic motor, it should be ensured that it can work normally in a wide speed range.


7. The hydraulic motor needs an oil leakage port.


8. In order to improve the starting and working performance of the hydraulic motor, small torque ripple and small internal friction are required.


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