hydraulic control valve


The hydraulic valve is to control and adjust the liquid pressure, flow direction and flow size required by the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of the actuator to overcome the external load, change the direction of movement and the speed of movement. Hydraulic control valves can be divided into according to the connection mode:


1. Threaded connection valve. The valve is directly connected to the pipe fitting and pipeline through the threaded hole on the valve body. This type of valve does not require a transitional connection mounting plate, so it is simple in construction, but it is only suitable for smaller flow valves. The disadvantage is that the component arrangement is scattered and the system is not compact enough. 


2. Flange connection valve. A valve connected to a pipe or pipeline by a flange. The flange connection is suitable for large flow valves, and its structural size and mass are relatively large.


3. Plate connection valve. A valve with a special transition plate connecting the valve to the pipeline. The plate connection valve only needs to be screwed to the connecting plate, and then the line is connected to the connecting plate. This connection method does not affect the pipeline during loading and unloading, and it is possible to arrange the valve centrally and have a compact structure. 


4. Integrated connection valve. Integrated connection is a connection form in which standard components or components manufactured with standard parameters form a basic circuit according to typical action requirements, and then the basic circuit is integrated together to form a hydraulic system. It includes a stacked valve that stacks several valves with different functions and bottom plates (also called manifold blocks); With the help of hexahedral manifold blocks, standard plate valves are connected together through their internal channels to form integrated valves for various basic circuits; an embedded valve that combines the spools of several valves in one body; and cartridge valves consisting of cartridge elements inserted into cartridge blocks, etc. 


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