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Some people may worry that they cannot buy all kinds of motors they need in the same factory.But in Hanjiu, you don’t have to worry about such problems at all, you just need to provide your needs, we will produce related products according to your requirements, whether it is orbital hydraulic motors or other hydraulic products, the following is a part of our model list, everyone can be viewed as needed.


Hanjiu hydraulic track motor: BMP, BMR, BMS, BMH, BMT, BMV can replace DANFOSS, EATON CHARLYNN, M+S, etc. Track steering gear :101S= Danfoss OSPC,101= Danfoss OSPB; 102S= M+S HKUS, 060= Eton 45 Series.Han wine gear pump: CBT, CBG-F3, GPC4, G5, the quality of the same as Parker gear pump, can also replace Caproni, Rextrox, etc. We also accept OEM. Hanjiu hydraulic single block valve :P40, P80, etc. Double axle automotive transport hydraulic motor double head OEM129026 rail hydraulic motor, vehicle two-axle hydraulic motor, it can be used as a replacement for ARH and MBR series motors, with 8 available displacement, providing a variety of options, make the motor very smart and flexible applications very tough motor applications required, can be applied to a wide range of industries, such as mobile equipment, snow removal, Grass mowers, sprayers, trenchers and wood products.Eaton similar types are available to us as follows:J (129-)H (101-)S(103-)T (158-)W (162-)2000 (104-105-106-193) 4000 (111-) 109-110-6000 (112-113-114) 10000(119-).These similar types of Eaton motors have many advantages, such as the same performance as Eaton, complete model range, meet your quality requirements, meet your requirements at a price guarantee of 100% qualified motors. Fast delivery (large order production time 25-35 days) product quality assurance: 12 months from the date of commission or 13 months or 1000 working hours from the date of delivery to the buyer OMR/ BMR type track hydraulic motor shell with moderate strength ductile iron, Suitable for small load, interval work occasions, widely used in agriculture, forestry, plastics, machine tools and large machinery, such as injection molding machine mold high regulation, cleaning machine, sawing table, etc.We have a relatively perfect product quality system from the staff to the factory, the raw materials to the factory, the parts processing, the assembly plan to the products. And passed the CE certification. Our factory is committed to building international famous brand, looking forward to long-term cooperation with more demand for hydraulic products.


Shijiazhuang Hanjiu company production of hydraulic parts is suitable for any hydraulic system, our company uses high-end machine tools, strive for the best humanized service, manufacturing service world, with good products and services to serve the world, welcome your advice.


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