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Mixer trucks are very common in construction sites. A large amount of concrete can only be transported by a mixer truck to ensure that it does not solidify. Therefore, the tank of the mixer truck needs to rotate continuously, which requires a hydraulic system with high durability and sufficient power. The hydraulic motor in the system directly determines the health of the concrete, so the use of high-quality hydraulic motors and high-quality main pump accessories can better ensure its working efficiency.


The cement pump truck accessories BMP-250 Omp high-speed high-torque cycloidal hydraulic motor of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. is specially provided for cement pump trucks. BMP is the basic rail motor with the best quality and stable performance in China. Except for mixer trucks, it can be used on many machines with ease and is suitable for all automation and motion control applications. 250 has a displacement of 50 - 400 cc/rev; speed range: 145 - 858 rpm; maximum pressure: from 90/110 bar to 125/140 bar (continuous/peak); maximum torque: 74n*m/521n *m, compared with other products, its advantages are that it can start at low pressure, has a reinforced shaft seal, has high starting torque and the ability to withstand huge back pressure, can transfer axial and radial loads, is small in size, and easy to install. In addition to the original brand, customers can also choose Danfoss OMP, Eaton Char Lynn H series, M+S MP series and other European brands.


After using this spare part, if used correctly, customers don't need to buy new motors for a long time, which can save more costs. All the spare parts of Hanjiu Technology are of high quality and can be 100% replace the original. There are also many small parts, including pistons, fixed plates, ball guides, cylinder blocks, valve plates, saddle bearings, shafts, swash plates, etc. At present, it has been exported to many countries such as Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay, etc., with fast delivery time and first-class quality. The price is reasonable, there are professional technicians and after-sales service, and complete models can also be provided. In Hanjiu Technology, you can buy hundreds of international famous brand hydraulic components with excellent cost performance.


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