Track Control Valve


Directional control is crucial to safety performance. Precise and effective directional control not only saves effort for the operator, but also avoids many accidents. The main function of the control valve is directional control, so it has high quality requirements. In the process of selecting products, dealers will find that the prices of such products in various stores vary greatly, and a lot of energy will inevitably be wasted in the selection process. How can we save time? It is recommended that you choose the products of Hanjiu Technology Company. Hanjiu’s hydraulic products can compete with international famous brands from raw materials to workmanship, but the price is far lower than the market price of big brands, which can be said to be the king of cost performance.


Let me introduce Hanjiu DCV series control valves to you. The whole manufacturing process adopts high-standard design. There are as many as 12 parts as a whole, the maximum flow rate is 200 liters per minute, and the port size range covers G3/8, G1/2, G1, M27*2, M33*2, NPT3/4, NPT1, can accept seven control types of manual, joystick, cable, pneumatic, solenoid, electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic. All castings in the DCV series are cast in special graphite cast iron shells because of the high resistance of this cast iron and allow for larger internal passages and lower pressure drops at the same overall external dimensions; all The spools are all made of high-resistance steel, nickel-plated, radially balanced, and feature special notches for better performance and are fully interchangeable between spools. The models currently on sale are DCV 20, DCV 40, DCV 60, DCV 100, DCV 140, 200, and the numbers also correspond to different flow rates.


If you are looking to buy high-quality hydraulic products at a lower price, you will not be disappointed if you choose Hanjiu Technology. Hanjiu is an expert in providing hydraulic solutions, and the dealers who have served have spread all over many countries. The service attitude is also widely praised, whether in terms of transaction credit or product evaluation, Hanjiu Technology Company is trustworthy.


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