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As for hydraulic motors, I think that in the introduction of many previous articles, everyone has some understanding. Today I will introduce to you the M&S hydraulic disc brake of Hanjiu Technology's BK2-1 430 torque brake hydraulic motor, BK2 series The brake is a type of hydraulic wet disc brake, its braking force is caused by a spring, and then the braking force is released by hydraulic pressure, so as to start working.


This brake of Hanjiu Technology also has many features. The BK2 series brake adopts a special friction disc and high-strength spring design, which can make it have a longer service life, low noise and high braking reliability. The brakes have a 4-drain design that can be used for different applications, enhancing usability. And the structure is compact, and it is very convenient to install. If it is used with BMI, BMR, BMS series hydraulic motors, it will play a better state.


The BK2 series hydraulic brakes have been kept in braking state since the factory. During normal operation, there is a braking force in the brake disc and only when the pressure of the hydraulic system, i.e. the brake is connected, is lower than the pressure required for the brake to release, the spring force should keep the brake in the braking state. BK2 series hydraulic brakes are widely used in heavy machinery, such as construction machinery, cranes, off-highway machinery vehicles, construction machinery, material handling machinery, agricultural machinery, mining, sanitation machinery, wood industry, etc. They are also used in hydrostatic drive systems for winches and automated engines.


In order to make the BK2 series brakes work under the best conditions, Hanjiu Technology recommends that you follow the following assembly methods and operating environments.


First, we are going to install the brake BK2 with the hydraulic motor, then fill the brake with lubricating oil through the drain, and then install it with the other parts. The fluid type is recommended to use mineral base-HM (GB/T763.2-87) (ISO6743/4) or HLP (DIN51524). The working temperature range should be kept at -20°C-90°C under normal circumstances, and the optimum temperature of the machine is between 20°C-60°C. The viscosity range is 20~75mm 2/s. If you want to have a better experience, keep the viscosity range at 42~74mm 2/s at 40°C, and you will find the machine works extremely comfortable. Attention should also be paid to product maintenance. The melting oil needs to be replaced after the first use of 50~100h, and then every 500~1000h.


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