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The common problems of hydraulic system are mainly divided into hydraulic system leakage, hydraulic system vibration, hydraulic system heating and so on. In this article, I will analyze these three issues in detail, hoping to help you.


1. Hydraulic system leakage

The leakage of hydraulic system can be divided into internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to the leakage process inside the system, such as the leakage on both sides of the hydraulic cylinder piston, and the leakage between the valve core and the valve body of the control valve. While an internal leak will not result in a loss of hydraulic fluid, the intended control action may be affected until the system fails. External leakage refers to leakage between the system and the external environment. The direct leakage of hydraulic oil into the environment will not only affect the working environment of the system, but also cause the system to fail due to insufficient pressure, and even risk a fire.


Solution: Use better quality seals to improve the machining accuracy of the equipment; reduce the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil and select the appropriate hydraulic oil.


2. Hydraulic system vibration

The shock caused by the high-speed flow of hydraulic oil in the pipeline and the shock caused by the opening and closing of the control valve are the reasons for the vibration of the hydraulic system. Excessive vibration will lead to errors in system control actions, such as abnormal actions of actuators such as oil cylinders and oil motors, unstable pressure control valves, and vibration of pressure gauge pointers.


Solution: The hydraulic pipeline should be fixed as much as possible to avoid sharp bends. Avoid changing the direction of liquid flow frequently, and take vibration reduction measures when it is unavoidable. The entire hydraulic system should have good vibration reduction measures, and at the same time avoid the influence of external vibration sources on the system.


3. The hydraulic system is hot.

There are two main reasons for the heating of the hydraulic system: one is that the hydraulic oil flows inside the pipeline to form friction heating; the temperature rise of the hydraulic system will increase the probability of internal and external leakage and reduce the working efficiency of the system. In addition, due to the expansion of hydraulic oil at high temperature, the compressibility will increase, resulting in noise and insufficient displacement of the hydraulic pump, affecting the normal operation of the system.


Solution: Heat generation is a characteristic of the hydraulic system itself, which cannot be avoided and can only be minimized. Improve and maintain the cooler system, make good use of hydraulic oil, arrange hydraulic pipelines as smoothly as possible, and make good use of pipelines, pipe joints, hydraulic valves, etc.


It is a thorny problem to find out the causes and parts of hydraulic system failures in the complex relationship of machinery, hydraulics, and electricity, and to eliminate them timely and accurately. If you want to improve your hydraulic system analysis ability, you can improve it from the following aspects.

①Understand the working principle of the hydraulic system and the operating conditions of the equipment;

②Familiar with the causes and elimination methods of common faults in the hydraulic system;

③ Understand the main faults of the system at different operating stages;

④ Master the basic methods of fault diagnosis;


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