Orbital Motor Applications


The application of orbital motors can actually be traced back to a long time ago, for example, the ancient Chinese water wheel is very similar to the principle of hydraulic motor, water wheel with flowing water as power, let the wheel rotate up for irrigation and other purposes. In the 20s, with the rapid development of hydraulic transmission and control technology and hydraulic pumps, the need for rotary output mechanisms with specific performance requirements in hydraulic systems became more and more urgent, thus promoting the rapid development of hydraulic motors to various fields. Now, hydraulic motor has become one of the two major output actuators in the hydraulic transmission system, which is widely used in industry, engineering machinery, agriculture, forestry, fishery, military, aerospace and other fields, bringing many conveniences to our lives.


Hanjiu Technology provides services for walking, steering, power transmission and lifting systems, and our main industry is to provide hydraulic system solutions. The hydraulic motor application range perfectly covers agricultural tractors, garden tractors, dump trucks, forklifts, combine harvesters, fishing, sweepers, water tanks, trailers, cranes, truck cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, machine tools and other light, medium and heavy equipment. In addition to industrial use, our motors can also be used to replace 100% of original international brands, such as Danfoss, Char Lynn, M+S, Rexroth and other series brands. Because the hydraulic motors sold by Hanjiu are manufactured with the most advanced technology and equipment, they are of high quality, more compact in structure, smaller in size and low in noise. It can also be personalized for customers, so it is favored by customers from all over the world. Every motor for sale, from design, processing, production, assembly, testing to after-sales, Hanjiu has established a perfect quality system to ensure that they are delivered to customers in full compliance with our commitments.


Hanjiu Technology Company can provide you with corresponding products according to the application of various industries, and have the ability to provide high-quality hydraulic motors for you in large quantities, and you will buy our products at a very preferential price. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and we will reply as soon as possible within 24 hours.



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