Orbital Motor Disadvantages


Everything has two sides, in the last issue of the article we talked about the advantages of hydraulic motors, in this issue we will take a look at its disadvantages.


Let's start with the whole, the leakage of hydraulic oil and the compressibility of the liquid in the hydraulic transmission system will affect the accuracy of the movement of the actuator, so the strict transmission ratio cannot be guaranteed. Hydraulic transmission systems are sensitive to changes in oil temperature and are not suitable for operation in extreme (very high or very low) temperature conditions. The energy loss during the operation of the hydraulic transmission system is large, the most important is leakage loss, overflow loss, throttling loss, friction loss, etc., so the transmission efficiency is low, and it is not suitable for long-distance transmission. Let's talk about the disadvantages of hydraulic motors, the torque pulsation of hydraulic motors is large, the efficiency is low, and the starting torque is small, generally only 60% or 70% of the rated torque; The stability is also poor in low-speed operation and is prone to leakage; Hydraulic oil changes with temperature, which is easy to cause unstable operation of the working mechanism, so the hydraulic system also needs to be equipped with a special cooling system; In addition, when the hydraulic system fails, it is difficult to troubleshoot the cause of the failure.


To sum up, is the main disadvantage of hydraulic motors, but with the continuous research and innovation of Hanjiu technicians, many of the hydraulic motors we sell have overcome some of these shortcomings, and the improved hydraulic motors have more advantages than traditional motors, such as Hanjiu BMT series motors, which are extremely stable in the entire speed range (including low speed), and can still maintain ultra-long life under extreme working conditions, no drainage lines, high return pressure (high pressure shaft seal), high efficiency, high starting torque, Compact and robust, it is suitable for use in both open-loop and closed-loop hydraulic systems. Through our unique technology, we have greatly enhanced the durability, work efficiency and working performance of the motor.


All in all, the advantages of hydraulic motors far outweigh the disadvantages, Hanjiu believes that the development prospects of hydraulic transmission technology are very broad, with the development of science and technology will gradually overcome these shortcomings.



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