Orbital Motor Price Range


Orbital motor as a more widely used facilities on the market at present, its model type division is also more, there are OMP, OMR, OMT, OMS, OMV, etc., its price is also different because of the different types of differences, below I will list several different types of motor prices for your reference.


Taking imported OMR models as an example, the average price range on various sales platforms is within 100-200$, while the price range of OMR models under Hanjiu Company is between 36-83$. In addition, if the customer's order quantity is large, we will also provide a price discount. Taking the OMT model hydraulic rail motor as an example, the price range of OMT models on the market is generally 300-400$, while the same Hanjiu's OMT price range is only 140-200$.


Let's take the overall manufacturing as an example to look at the OMM/OMP/OMR/OMH/OMSY/OMT/OMV type hydraulic motor. The general price range is between 65-78$, while Hanjiu's quotation range is: 61-71$. The concern generated by customers is generally that the quality may not be guaranteed in the state of relatively low price, the orbital motor produced by Hanjiu can run smoothly in the entire speed range during work, maintain constant working torque in a wide speed range, high starting torque, high return pressure, no need to use drainage lines (high-pressure shaft seals), high efficiency, long service life under extreme working conditions and other characteristics.


Hanjiu company, as a local manufacturing enterprise in China, provides a large number of merchants with motor components from Hanjiu factory, because foreign parts prices are generally higher and the transportation time is long, and users in China choose Hanjiu's advantage in avoiding the time and parts loss from overseas distances, and if you are a foreign customer, don't worry, Hanjiu has rich experience in selling abroad. We have cooperation with Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Northern Europe, Africa, India and other countries and regions, Hanjiu provides customers with better service, the more parts you order, the higher the discount we will give. In terms of cost performance, Hanjiu will be your best choice!



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